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184 products

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Are you looking for colorful additions or flowering delights to look at for all parts of the year? These common ornamental shrubs will improve the appearance and look of your home landscape! 

What is an ornamental shrub, you ask? Ornamental shrubs are grown purely for aesthetic attractions and not for food or economic resources. They are usually in the garden for their production of flowers. 

Some common ornamental flowering shrubs like camellias, butterfly bushes, roses, or daylilies are found in landscapes across the country. Most people think of flowers when they think of popular ornamental shrubs. But other plants like ornamental grasses are included in this category because of their practicality and use in the landscape. 

Where to Plant Ornamental Shrubs You Bought Online

Be sure to plant your shrubs in full sun to help with flower production during early spring. If you are looking for beautiful spring flowers that are easy to grow, these types of shrubs are for you. There are so many flower colors to choose from to help improve the appearance of your garden landscape!

What are the Most Beautiful Types of Ornamental Shrubs You Can Buy Online?

At Perfect Plants, all of our ornamental shrubs for sale are beautiful in their own way, allowing you to decorate your garden however you see fit. Some of our flowering ornamental shrubs, like the Stewartstonian Azalea Shrub and the Pink Delight Butterfly Bush, emit a beautiful display of color while the Torulosa Juniper Shrub and Buxus Green Mountain Boxwood Shrub use their shapes and sizes to help transform your garden.

Are Any Ornamental Shrubs Fragrant?

Yes! Many of our flowering ornamental shrubs have some sort of fragrance, but a few really stand out. The High Fragrance Camellia plant produces lovely pink flowers that emit an alluring scent. Similarly, flowering ornamental shrubs like our rose bushes and hydrangeas will also fill your garden with wonderful aromas.

Do Ornamental Shrubs Bear Fruit?

While most ornamental shrubs are just for aesthetics, there are a few varieties that produce fruit. For example, the American Beautyberry bush will produce tiny berries that can be used for sweet treats like jellies and pies. Otherwise, they’re great for attracting local wildlife, like birds that are looking for a snack.

Landscaping with ornamental grasses and shrubs is easy! Start your ornamental shrubs for sale at Perfect Plants today & be sure to shop the whole shrubs & hedges collection for even more options.

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