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If you are looking to buy a banana tree for sale online, choose one grown onsite in our Florida nursery. Perfect Plants guarantees your banana trees will arrive ready to thrive when planted! 

Ornamental banana trees grow best in warm, humid climates but we have some varieties that can handle the cold better than others. Banana plants are fast growing trees that are low maintenance, and pest and disease resistant. 

Banana trees can bring lush, tropical vibes to any garden. Customers choose our banana trees for sale for their long, green leaves and surprisingly easy care and maintenance. With plenty of water, you can keep them thriving. Fertilize banana trees once a year for beautiful, lush leaves. Browse our varieties of ornamental banana trees for sale and bring a taste of the tropics to your home.

Buy a banana tree online, guaranteed by Perfect Plants, and start enjoying your tropical perennial today!


Banana Tree Plant Care and Information

How to Plant a Banana Tree Plant

When planting a banana tree, amend the soil prior to planting by adding plenty of nutrients such as compost, manure, or other organic matter. Then water the planting site a few days before planting. Make sure your hole is 2-3 times the diameter of the root ball. Place the root ball in the hole and backfill with your nutrient soil.

How to Grow a Banana Tree Plant

Growing banana trees is rewarding! 

The banana tree plant is one of the fastest growing trees and you can see growth of up to 5 feet in one growing season. The best way to grow a banana tree is during late winter to early spring. 

Banana trees grow best in warm, humid climates and in full sun, with well-draining soil, protection from winter cold and plenty of water. Your planting site should be in a full sun area that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day to ensure that your plant has the best growth and fruit production. 

When growing a banana tree in a container, ensure it has drainage holes and is the right size for your plant.

Our Ornamental Banana tree Plant Grow Guide has more information on planting and growing bananas.


Can You Eat From Ornamental Bananas Trees?

Bananas from ornamental banana trees are not edible and not for human consumption.Bananas from ornamental banana trees are not poisonous or toxic, but are too seedy to enjoy! The banana tree leaves, banana tree flowers, and fruit are for aesthetics only. 

Where Do Banana Trees Grow?

Banana trees are tropical plants that grow in humid and hot climates. Banana trees  can only grow in USDA grow zones 8 and above except the Musa Basjoo, a cold hardy banana tree, which  Banana. It can grow in all the way down to zone 4. The stalks may die down for the winter but with a thick layer of mulch to protect the banana tree roots, the rhizomes will shoot up new banana pups in spring!

For other types of banana trees that are not as cold hardy, you can move the banana tree plant indoors for the winter until the weather returns warm again.


How to Prune Banana trees and Long Term Care

Prune your banana tree by pruning new shoots that grow around 20 inches in its first growing season, as well as annually, after each harvest. Be cautious not to prune the mother plant before it produces bananas.

When caring for a banana tree you want to ensure that it has the proper amount of light, water, and nutrients. Your banana plant will need at least 6 hours of sunlight daily in order to produce fruit. The plant will also need to be watered a daily to a few times a week depending on the season. Banana trees enjoy moist, but not wet soil so be sure to check the soil moisture by sticking your finger in knuckle deep. Provide nutrients to your tree with tons of fertilizer, about 1 ½ pounds per month.

Banana Tree Fertilizer and Soil

Banana trees need to be fertilized every month due to their rapid growth. Since they grow so fast they need about 1 ½ pounds of fertilizer a month! The best fertilizer for banana trees is a fertilizer that has an NPK ratio of 8-10-8. Our Slow Release Fertilizer is a good option for all purpose and long lasting banana tree fertilizer. Banana Tree Soil

Banana trees like moist, fertile soil that is well draining. Wet or clay soils as this can cause root rot. Amend the soil annually with compost or something rich in nutrients. They are not salt tolerant plants and should be kept away from the ocean. Banana tree soil should have an acidic pH between 5.5-6.5. 

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