Drop Shipping With Perfect Plants

Perfect Plants is an online nursery that professionally ships mail-order trees and shrubs across the United States. From container to shipping box we prioritize high-quality care to all of our plant products. The option for dropshipping our plants has allowed other companies to sell our products in a way that benefits both parties.

Our 40 years of professional experience was built on the notion that garden plants should be accessible to plant lovers everywhere — a quality we hold in high regard with our external vendors.

The Perfect Plants packaging method has allowed us to reach gardeners, growers, and plant lovers everywhere and we wish to continue this outreach as our dropship company expands. This is why we started wholesale supplying and dropshipping plants from our eCommerce platform.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping companies allow other entities to feature their products on their eCommerce store or website. It is an order fulfillment method where a dropship store doesn’t keep the products they sell in stock, rather the dropship supplier will fulfill their orders for them.

It is preferred for online businesses rather than retail businesses to be drop shippers so the product does not have to leave our nursery. Selling online is our specialty and now we just need your potential customers to find our products through YOU!

Start dropshipping today!

Our Preferred Partnerships Include:

• Corporations

• Publicly traded companies

• Large eCommerce websites

• Small scale businesses with annual sales of $1,000,000+

Our DropShipping Business Summarized:

• Perfect Plants uses UPS for plant shipments when dropshipping.

• We provide a high quality plant product

• Don’t worry about boxing plants, we professionally package and ship customers orders for you

What Types of Products Can I Ship?

The entire Perfect Plants product list can be packaged and shipped. We update our inventory regularly to maintain accurate sales.

Delayed Shipping Option

Customers in zones that reach cold temperatures in the fall and winter can opt for delayed shipping at checkout. This delays their shipping until the spring months when plants are flourishing and easy to put in the ground. We do not recommend planting anything if the ground is frozen. Delivery times will vary depending on your location in the country.

How to Dropship: Submitting Orders

For larger e-commerce websites: integrate via an EDI connection process. Most orders process same day.

How Do I get Dropship Product Data?

We will provide and upload to your companies software

MSRP Pricing Information

We supply MSRP pricing for all Perfect Plants products. Increasing pricing or offering seasonal discounts and sales is permitted as you please. We can provide you with a list of our dropship wholesale product lists for your convenience.

Why Use Our Drop Shipping Business Model?

• Products are easy to integrate into any online database or online store.

• Free access to our high resolution pictures and media.

• Focus on business priorities; leave the shipping to us.

• No counting inventory or updating product logs.

• We guarantee shipped products arrive intact and cover any damages during shipment.

• No monthly fee.

• Discounted wholesale pricing and shipping costs.

• Premium customer service.

• Grow your long term eCommerce business with Perfect Plants!

How Do I Get Paid?

Your customers pay you directly through your website. We negotiate terms for payment through our pre-determined contract and then push through an ACH transfer. All risk is removed by obtaining the full payment from your customers before purchasing products from us.