Desirable Pecan Tree | Type 1 Pollinator

Desirable Pecan Tree | Type 1 Pollinator

  • Shade tree

  • Harvest nuts

  • Attractive foliage

  • Type-1 pollinator

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The Desirable Pecan cultivar thrives in humid climates, making it a prime tree selection for the hotter states, especially Florida. One of the most loved characteristics of Desirable tree is that it produces large, well-filled nuts, setting the standard in the Southeast. According to commercial orchards, Desirable is a favorite because they are large and and have good branching quality.

The Desirable pecan tree boasts continuous production of high-quality crops year after year. It even has the tendency to thin its own crops, reducing the stress on the tree and low-quality production habits. For most Southern orchards, the Desirable is, well, the most desirable cultivar! Desirale pecans are a favorite pecan variety for the large, round, well shaped nuts with excellent flavor.

However, this tree does has its flaws. The Desirable pecan variety is one of the most scab susceptible pecan cultivars. Therefore a rigid fungicide spraying system is highly recommended for best results. Buy pecan trees that will do well in your planting site.

The Desirable is a slower-yielding cultivar, and can take up to ten years before its first production. However, as the tree matures it exhibits higher yields. This is a Type-1 pollinator Pecan Tree and requires a Type 2 pecan tree to produce nuts. Some good options for cross pollinators are Stuart, Sumner, or Zinner. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Desirable pecan is “one of the most valued cultivars as an established tree or in new plantings.”

Desirable Pecan Tree Information

Grows best in USDA growing zones 6-9 and can grow up to 70-100 feet tall. This pecan tree growth rate is extremely fast! It can grow up to 2 to 3 feet per year. It won’t be long until your fast growing pecan tree starts producing nuts!

The pecan tree is a great pick for home or commercial planting. A regular and heavy pecan producer, you can’t go wrong with this type 1 pollinator. The pecans are shaped and abundantly filled with excellent taste.

Grow in full sun for best results. Shop the Desirable Pecan tree for sale.

Check out our Pecan Grow Guide and How to Harvest pecans blog for information on planting and growing pecans!

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Botanical Name
Carya illinoinensis 'Desirable'

Full Sun

Foliage Color
Medium to dark green

Mature Width
70 ft

Mature Height
70-100 ft

Growing Zones 6, 7, 8, 9

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