Fig Trees

Fig Trees

Fig trees are one of the easiest fruit trees to grow as they are self pollinating and do not require another tree for cross pollination. Get bushels of fresh, juicy figs with just 1 tree planted in your home, yard, or landscape.

You can have fun growing the figs in your backyard and enjoy them fresh off the tree. Trees will produce figs in 1 year. Some of the trees even have baby figs on them right now.

Figs will ripen in fall when the summer heat stows away. You may even have a breba crop in the early summer depending on your variety.

Fig trees are low maintenance, drought tolerant, heat tolerant, and cold hardy to some degree. Grow these fruits in full sun and well draining soil. The trees get fairly large if planted in the ground.

You can grow these fig trees in a container if limited on space. You will need to pot up every so often if container grown so their roots have plenty of room to grow and are not nutrient deficient.

Fig Grow Guide coming soon.

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