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Top 5 Favorite Flowers for Spring

Want to spruce up your garden this spring, but find the myriad of flowers at your local nursery overwhelming? Here is a list of our top five spring flowers that are guaranteed to brighten up your landscape with bursts of color and character this spring!

  • AzaleaThe red, pink and white blossoms of the aesthetic Azalea are an irresistible addition to any garden or landscape this
    george tabor flowering shrub

    George Tabor Azalea

    spring. Despite the delicate appearance, Azaleas are fairly hardy plants and are easy to grow in most climates. Azaleas are best planted in early spring right before they begin to blossom. This popular perennial shrub will flourish in a variety of soil types, but will require adequate water to thrive. A must have for your traditional southern landscape!

  • Camellia—This beautifully elegant evergreen shrub is the state flower of Alabama. Camellia’s flowers pink camelia flowerare famous for their beauty and are often found in corsages. The Camellia will add a quaint touch of class to any garden, and with partial shade and well-drained soiled, its flowers will bring you bursts of color for a long time to come. The blooms range in color, offering either a white, pink or red variety for weeks at a time.
  • white dogwood tree

    White flowering Dogwood

    Flowering Dogwood—The flowering dogwood tree is known for its showy spring flowers and red fall foliage. This popular landscape tree can reach a height of 20 feet in proper conditions. Its blooms tend to be white, but can also be seen in a soft pink color as well. When pollinated, the flowers produce a red berry that is loved by wildlife. Plant the flowering dogwood in an area that has light shade and good drainage for best results.


Frost Proof Gardenia plant white flowers

Frostproof Gardenia

  • Gardenia—A gardening symbol in the Southeast, gardenias are known and loved for their deliciously fragrant white blooms and heat-loving nature. This evergreen shrub will grow from 2-8 feet tall and wide, depending upon the variety. Gardenias prefer an area featuring full sun to light shade and moist, rich, well-drained soil. Water the shrub with a root stimulator for best results.
  • Japanese Magnolia—The Japanese Magnolia is the perfect way to wave goodbye to the winter season. japanese magnoliaIt’s prized display of large, showy pink flowers make for a beautifully ornamental addition to any garden or landscape. The magnolia is a low-maintenance tree and thrives in fertile, well-drained soil and either full sun or partial shade. When planting a Japanese Magnolia, be sure to leave ample room for the tree to stretch its branches out as it grows.

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