Blueberry Soil Mix

Blueberry Soil Mix

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Perfectly Acidic Blueberry Soil Gives Nutrition & Moisture

Give your blueberry plants just what they need with this special blend of blueberry soil mix that includes organic matter such as Canadian peat, aged pine bark, controlled release 360-day fertilizer, granite sand, and other minor elements like peat moss or cottonseed meal. It is the best soil for blueberry plants!

You can use this blueberry soil mix  in raised beds, home gardens, or containers. Growing blueberries has never been easier.

Plant blueberry bushes in full sun where their shallow roots can develop. Will do better next to other blueberry plants and fruit trees for best cross-pollination. We offer an assortment of 3 blueberry varieties to ease your choices!

We recommend 1 bag per blueberry plant to help amend the soil and deliver nutrients directly to the root systems.

Acidic Soil For Blueberries

Blueberries like acidic conditions with lower rates of acid fertilizer, we’ve taken the guesswork out when we developed this blend to meet those requirements. There’s no need to buy a blueberry soil pH test kit when using our soil for blueberries. We test our blueberry soil mix to make sure it is not alkaline and contains the perfect blueberry soil PH.

How To Prepare Soil For Blueberries

It’s a good idea to prepare your soil before planting your blueberry bush to promote healthy growth and encourage high yield fruit production. This is accomplished by loosening up the soil to make space for the blueberry bush’s roots to spread and expand. Dig a hole the depth of your blueberry bush and twice as wide. It would also help to remove any nearby weeds, rocks, tree stumps & roots, grasses, and anything else that would get in the way of your growing blueberry bush’s roots. 

You can also use a digital soil meter to gather information about the soil like nutrient content, mineral levels, and acidity. This will let you know what to add to the soil before planting.

Best Potting Soil For Blueberries

Most blueberry varieties will grow well in containers. If you’re planting your blueberry bush in a container or pot, the most important thing is to ensure that the soil is loamy and contains the organic matter and nutrients your blueberry plant will need to grow. 

It’s also necessary to check that the potting soil for blueberries you’ll be using is acidic enough with a PH somewhere between 4.3 to 5.5. Our blueberry potting soil mix has the perfect amount of acidity, which takes all the measuring and guesswork out, making you ready to plant your blueberry bush!

Amending Soil For Blueberries

Amending the soil is a critical step in creating a great environment for blueberry bushes to grow and thrive. Our blueberry soil mix is one of the best soil amendments for blueberries and will help provide your blueberry bushes with the best growing conditions. You can also incorporate peat moss to help ensure that your soil is well-draining with the correct pH level. It is a good idea to mulch your blueberry bushes with organic matter such as mulch or pine needles to retain as much moisture as possible. 

After digging your plating hole, mix your dug up soil with our soil mix for blueberries before backfilling around the root ball of your blueberry bush. 

Do Blueberry Bushes Like Wet Soil?

While blueberry bushes do prefer moisture for healthy growth and fruit production, too much moisture can cause wet soil and roots, which blueberries do not prefer. Wet soil can create water stress for blueberry bushes, which causes its leaves and berries to shrivel up and die. Wet soil can also cause root rot, which is a bacterial or fungal infection that damages the blueberry bush’s roots and can kill the plant if left untreated.

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United States United States

Good stuff

It was easy to buy on line and delivery was fast and to my front door.

United States United States

Plants thriving

I bought the soil for my mother to use for blueberry plants being grown in containers. The plants are thriving so far.


Perfect Plants Nursery

Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on the Blueberry soil Mix you purchasedfrom our family-owned business! Best, Shirley

Tamara K.
United States United States

Rejuvenating Mix

Amazing fertilizer. It revitalized and rejuvenated my Blueberry bushes so throughly last year I bought it again for this year. I highly recommend them.


Perfect Plants Nursery

Hi Tamara, That's fantastic to hear that the fertilizer had such a positive impact on your Blueberry bushes last year! It's great that you were so impressed with the results that you decided to purchase it again this year. We're thankful for your ongoing loyalty and for leaving us such a wonderful review of our products. Best, Shirley

Alvin N.
United States United States

Blueberry soil

Was quality soil Arrived on time and well packed


Perfect Plants Nursery

Hi Alvin, Thank you for your purchase of our Blueberry soil mix and for taking the time to leave us such a nice review on our product! Best, Shirley

Amy R.
United States United States

My babies are about to get rained on. I love them.

I bought three blueberry bushes and this soil amendment. The amendment is wonderful and my babies are safe and planted and being cared for. My only suggestion for improvement is to not pack heavy bags of things in on top of the plants. One of the bushes was crushed down to a nub because of it. I named it "sweet baby". He shall persevere, however, for the benefit of future plants, I would suggest taping the heavy "additional bags" underneath the bushes so the delicate branches don't get battered about. Otherwise, excellent products all 'round. Thanks to you all for my new garden members. I will be back. I appreciate your good work.


Perfect Plants Nursery

Let me just say, your positive feedback about the excellent products at Perfect Plants warms my gardener's heart. It's like receiving a bouquet of compliments, blooming with appreciation. We strive to bring you the best gardening goodies, so it's music to our ears (or should I say, blossoms to our garden?) when we hear that you're satisfied with your new garden members.

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