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Crape myrtles are a gorgeous addition to any garden thanks to their fluffy flowers. While they usually have green foliage, the Black Diamond crape myrtles are out to “wow!” you with their purply-black stems and foliage. Their bright flowers that come in red, pink, lavender, and white create a stark but lovely contrast that won’t be ignored.

Black Diamond crape myrtles reach up to 12 feet tall, making them large shrubs or small trees, depending on how you prune them. They make lovely accent plants around the garden or look lovely in flower beds around your home or near the front porch. They can grow in the ground and in containers, so you can fit them almost anywhere you want them! The abundance of flowers is sure to attract pollinators, so place them near vegetable gardens or anywhere you’d like to see bees and butterflies.

Black and white isn’t a common color combination in the garden, so consider trying the Black Diamond Pure White Crape Myrtle Tree if you want something unique. If pink and black is your thing, you’ll love the Black Diamond Shell Pink Crape Myrtle Tree.

Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle Care Overview

Crape myrtles like sunny weather in temperate climates and are drought tolerant. They’re resilient through summer and drop their leaves at the first frost and grow them back once the weather is warm in the spring. If you have a long growing season, you’ll enjoy consistent blooms from your Black Diamond myrtles for most of the year!

You don’t have to prune them unless you want to, and they won’t need to be watered often, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant, the Black Diamond Crape Myrtle is worth looking into.

How to Plant A Black Diamond Crape Myrtle

When you receive your crape myrtle, remove it from the container and place it in a hole no deeper than the root ball. Backfill the hole with fresh soil and water the plant well. You can add slow-release fertilizer at the time of planting to give the plant a boost. The best time to plant crape myrtles is in spring after the danger of frost has passed.

Where Do Black Diamond Crepe Myrtles Grow?


These crape myrtles grow well in zones 6-9 and need plenty of sunlight to thrive. Make sure not to plant them too close to your home or another tall tree.

How Far Apart to Plant Black Diamond Crape Myrtles

If you’re planning on planting multiple Black Diamond Crape Myrtles in your garden, you’ll want to make sure that they have enough room. These trees can grow to about 8 feet wide, so you’ll want to make sure that you plant them about 10 feet apart.

How to Water Black Diamond Crape Myrtles

Black Diamond crape myrtles are drought tolerant, but they need to be watered once per week in their first year to develop a sturdy root system. They may need to be watered two or three times during the hottest part of summer or if there is a drought.

After one year, the plant will be established, and you won’t have to water it as often. Be sure to water it occasionally during droughts since the soil shouldn’t be dry for too long.

How Tall Do The Black Diamond Crape Myrtles Get?

Black diamond crape myrtles can grow to reach heights of 10 to 12 feet at full maturity, with an 8 foot width when planted in the ground. They will likely grow smaller if they’re in a container that doesn’t allow them to develop a large root system.

How Fast Does A Black Diamond Crape Myrtle Tree Grow?

Black diamond crape myrtles are a great choice if you want something to fill up your property quickly. These plants can grow anywhere from 2 to 4 feet in a single growing season, so they’re especially fast growers. 

What Colors Do Black Diamond Crape Myrtles Come In?

One of the main draws of the black diamond crape myrtles is its colors. The plant itself is a dark purple and black while the flowers vary from species to species. The black diamond crape myrtle trees for sale at Perfect Plants come in a few different colors. You can get shades of purple, pink, white, and red flowers for your plant.

How Often for Black Diamond Crape Myrtle Fertilizer?

Give your Black Diamond crape myrtles a slow-release fertilizer once a year in the spring to give them nutrients all year long. The fertilizer will help them continue to develop healthy roots and plenty of blooms so you can enjoy your plant for years to come.

How to Prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtles

You don’t have to prune your Black Diamond crape myrtle, but it has the potential to become large and a bit unruly if you allow it to keep growing. You can prune it to keep a tree shape or allow it to grow branches at the bottom to take on a shrub shape.

If you want to keep your Black Diamond crape myrtle tree small, you can cut it back to the ground. It will grow about 4 feet yearly, so if you’re short on space, this is an excellent way to keep the plant in check.

The best time to trim a crape myrtle is at the end of winter. Avoid pruning in the fall because that will encourage new growth and prevent it from going dormant over winter. Cold temperatures will kill the plant if it tries to keep growing despite cold temperatures.

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