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Shop our Boxwoods for sale online for hardy evergreen shrubs that can be used for a variety of landscaping needs. They can be easily pruned into different shapes, such as boxes or globes.

They have made their way into many American gardens as both privacy hedges, fences, borders both small and large, and ornamental plants. Our boxwood shrubs for sale have small, rounded shapes.

What Are the Best Types of Boxwoods to Buy Online?

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Choose your next landscaping beauty from our collection of boxwood shrubs for sale. Before deciding which boxwood to plant, ask yourself a few questions. What does your planting sight look like? Are you trying to make a single specimen plant or use it as a hedging plant? Each boxwood shrub can provide a variety of uses depending on your landscape's needs. Shop our collection of Boxwoods today and enjoy safe and secure shipping right to your front door!

We have two favorite varieties! The Wintergreen Boxwood is more cold hardy while the Japanese Boxwood gets a little larger.

How to Care for Boxwoods You Purchased

To plant boxwood shrubs, choose a planting site that has full sun but also partial shade during the hottest periods of the year. It is important to water the boxwood shrub extensively during the initial planting period. They require a lot of water to establish their shallow root system. Check out the Boxwood Grow guide for information on choosing, planting, and growing your slow growing evergreen shrub.

Add fertilizer to help keep the soil moist. The best fertilizer for boxwoods is a slow release fertilizer that can give your plant nutrients every time it’s watered. At Perfect Plants, we offer a Root Boosting Fertilizer that only needs to be applied once and it will give your plant an entire year of nutrients. 

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How Fast Do Boxwoods Bought Online Grow?

The boxwood growth rate is very slow, only growing less than a foot per year. Boxwood shrubs are generally slow growing shrubs, however, good fertilizer, regular and selective pruning, and adequate watering can influence growth health. 

Can Boxwoods Bought Online Grow in Pots?

You can grow boxwoods in any pot or container, as long as the pot is larger in diameter than the root ball of the boxwood you choose and the container has good drainage. Although boxwoods can get fairly big when planted in the ground, it’s not the case when in a container. But boxwoods don’t mind being in containers and can be heavily pruned annually to keep them a certain shape or size.  

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