Prok Persimmon Tree

Prok Persimmon Tree

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Get ready to pucker up and savor the tangy goodness of the Prok Persimmon Tree! This charming tree is a grafted female American Persimmon and belongs to the astringent variety, meaning you'll have to wait for the fruit to ripen before enjoying its delectable flavors.
Picture medium-sized fruits that pack a punch - they're like a burst of citrusy sweetness with a hint of earthiness, making them perfect for adding a zing to your favorite recipes or gobbling up straight from the tree! They are renowned for being one of the tatiest American persimmon varieties. 

The Prok Persimmon Tree is a beauty that reaches around 35-50 feet in height, making it a nice addition to your landscape without overshadowing the neighborhood. Imagine a tree that adds both elegance and flavor to your outdoor space - it's like having a fruity superstar stealing the spotlight for all the right reasons. It provides excellent fall color.

Give your Prok Persimmon Tree a sun-soaked spot in your garden, where it can soak up at least 6-8 hours of sun. But don't worry if your garden is a bit shady - this tree adapts well to partial shade too, so you can still enjoy those delicious fruits even if your garden is a bit more shady.

As for soil requirements, the Prok Persimmon Tree is quite easygoing. It thrives in various soil types – from sandy to loamy – as long as it's well-draining. Make sure to give it a comfortable home with good drainage, so its roots can stretch out and grow to their full potential.
Plant your tree in well-draining soil, add a dash of organic matter like compost to give it a nutrient boost, and water it thoroughly. Then sit back, relax, and watch the magic of fruit production happen! Patience is key when it comes to astringent varieties – let those fruits ripen up before indulging in their tantalizing taste.

The Prok Persimmon Tree is a delightful addition to any landscape. From its tangy fruits to its manageable size and easy-care nature, it's a winning choice for both newbie gardeners and green thumbs alike. Plant one today and get ready to enjoy a bounty of flavors that will make your taste buds sing with joy! Happy planting and may your garden be filled with astringent-fantastic harvests!


Grow this native tree across the United States in USDA growing zones 5-9. With little maintenance needed to keep it thriving, it is adaptable to most soil sites as long as it’s in full sun with well-draining soil.
It is an important food source for many wildlife including deer, birds, and squirrels. American Persimmon is moderately salt tolerant and a good choice for coastal plantings.

This Female Persimmon tree is specifically picked to pollinate male flowering persimmon trees found in the wild.
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Botanical Name
Diospyros virginiana 'Prok'

Full Sun

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Width
35-60 ft

Mature Height
30-50 ft

Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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