Blue Pacific Juniper Shrub

Blue Pacific Juniper Shrub

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Evergreen & Drought Tolerant

Bring a coastal staple to your home with the Blue Pacific Juniper shrub. This slow-growing evergreen shrub is one of the most popular Junipers because of its slightly fragrant evergreen needles. The Pacific Juniper cultivar also has the densest ground coverage of its species with its ground-hugging abilities, making it perfect for those bare spots in your landscape.

This conifer shrub has fragrant, evergreen foliage and medium bluish-green color. It has silver overtones that can give it a frosted look. Its spiked, spear-shaped leaves fan out in every direction. New growth highlights the bush in bright green patches. An array of these prickly leaves cluster on small woody branches. Individual leaves are long, narrow, and pointed. Its branches are soft, plush, and pliable. 

The Blue Pacific Shore Juniper is tolerant to less than optimal conditions like dry, sandy, and sloped terrains. Place it cascading against a wall, over rocks, and on banks to aid in erosion control. Using the Blue Pacific Juniper for ground cover is an excellent choice, as they are low and slow-growing Junipers. The birds will also be grateful when blue Juniper berries appear in the fall, as they are the perfect snack for our winged friends.

The blue pacific juniper makes a great groundcover. Its low and wild spread creates an attractive area for any yard. It is native to Japan and is especially suited for sandy or sloped lots. It also provides year-round greenery.

Blue pacific juniper is a wonderful, low-maintenance shrub for difficult or problematic landscapes. It does well along walkways, sloping embankments, garden borders, and any place that needs ground-hugging cover. 

Blue Pacific Juniper Care

The Juniper Blue Pacific plant is a low-maintenance species known for its ability to thrive in coastal climates. When planted in ideal conditions, this Juniper is extremely easy to care for. A common pest that occurs in this evergreen shrub is spider mites. This can be prevented by hosing the plant with a strong spray of water and will disrupt web-making.

Blue pacific spruce tends to be avoided by deer, but it provides a wonderful micro habitat for small wildlife and birds. It is not prone to pests or disease. It can also hold its own and will meander around obstacles. 

How To Plant Blue Pacific Juniper

Juniperus conferta grows best in USDA hardiness zone 6 to 9. Grow this Juniper in a full sun spot, and water once the soil has completely dried. Plant Blue Pacific Juniper ground cover in a hole double the size of the root ball. This trailing juniper is drought tolerant and prefers less moisture in its root systems. Juniper shrubs are also tolerant to salty or sandy soils and can be planted near the coast. 

How Fast Does Blue Pacific Juniper Grow?

The Blue Pacific Juniper will spread about 4-6 feet and only reach .5 to 1 foot in height. Spreading Juniper Blue Pacific staggered about 3 to 4 feet apart will ensure full coverage ground cover. Blue Pacific Juniper spacing will differ on the look that you are going for, as these plants can be grown as single specimens or groundcover. Blue Pacific Juniper’s growth rate depends on the climate it is grown in but averages 6 to 8 inches annually.

How To Prune Blue Pacific Juniper

Pruning a Blue Pacific Juniper should be done lightly to achieve the desired shape. Heavy trimming is not recommended because Junipers usually have dead zones in their center. If your Blue Pacific Juniper is turning brown this means that some areas on a mature plant may not be receiving sufficient light and will dry up.

On most occasions, new growth will not develop in this area unless there are remaining green needles on the affected branches.

Creeping Junipers, like the Blue Pacific, should be pruned by cutting back to make strong lateral branches. Prune your plant by following its natural growth patterns, and cut above the dead zone. As always, make sure your shears are sanitized to reduce cross-contamination and prevent disease.

Blue Pacific Juniper Landscaping Ideas

Blue Pacific Junipers make a great addition to all sorts of landscapes. If you’ve ever wanted a green wall, look no further! They are most commonly seen in rock gardens, retaining walls, and borders as their creeping habits give the landscape a multi-dimensional look.

If you have bare sandy soil spots in your yard, the Blue Pacific Juniper will surprise you with its ability to thrive in dry conditions. Keep in mind that this Juniper variety does best in well-draining soil to avoid root rot.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance evergreen, with a unique spreading pattern, then blue pacific juniper is the shrub for you. It is sure to add a touch of carefree elegance to your landscape. Order yours today!

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Botanical Name
Juniperus conferta

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Mature Width
4-6 ft

Mature Height
1 ft

Growing Zones 6, 7, 8, 9

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