Dwarf Burford Holly

Dwarf Burford Holly

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Evergreen Foliage & Bright Red Berries Are Major Focal Points in the Landscape!

The Dwarf Burford Holly shrub is a handsome bush that is perfect for adding a distinguished feel to any landscape, and its attractive shape and dense growth habit make it not only a lush addition to your yard but an easy one to care for!

The Dwarf Burford Holly, or ilex cornuta, is great for low-maintenance landscapes and it is one of the most popular holly bush varieties. This dwarf holly variety adds a burst of rich, deep green color all year round with its emerald green new growth and dark green leaves with a single sharp spine at the terminal end.

This dwarf Chinese holly tree features clusters of showy and fragrant white flower blooms in the springtime and early summer growing seasons, and large red holly bush berries during fall and winter. It is not a deciduous holly, meaning it does not lose its evergreen leaves over winter.

The glossy green foliage is sure to light up your garden as with all evergreen hollies.

Shop our Dwarf Burford Holly bush for sale today and add their beautiful white blooms to your home and garden.


The Dwarf Buford plant has a slow growth rate that performs best in rich, slightly acid soil, and does well in full sun to partial shade. Flowering and red fruit production are reduced when planted in more shady locations. Grows best across the United States in USDA hardiness zones 7-9. Well-draining soil conditions are preferred to prevent root rot on the holly dwarf bush.

Dwarf Holly bushes are drought-tolerant and very low maintenance once established. Small holly shrub usage includes foundation plants and evergreen hedge plantings, or plant in a container as a specimen plant or small tree. This evergreen shrub stays small and dense, growing up to 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide at full maturity. If you are trying to plant a dwarf Burford holly hedge, we recommend spacing these plants about 3 feet apart. Burford holly plants will grow and thrive with ample water.

Are Burford Holly Berries Poisonous?

The Burford holly tree’s bright red berries can be an important food source for birds in late winter. However, their berries are poisonous when ingested by humans. 

Generally, female holly plants require a male plant to cross-pollinate and produce holly berries, but the Dwarf Burfordi holly does not. This is because Burford holly has both male and female flowers on each plant to produce berries.

How Big Does A Dwarf Burford Holly Get?

A dwarf Burford Holly is a moderate grower and can reach a height of 6 to 8 feet when fully mature and growing in optimal conditions like full sun. They can spread to about 10 feet wide at full maturity as well. 

How To Plant Dwarf Burford Holly That You Bought Online

Planting holly is easy and should be done in early spring so it has the whole growing season to establish. Loosen some of the tangled roots from the root ball if there are any to encourage growth sooner. Prune holly in late winter or early spring to maintain the desired shape and size. All-purpose slow-release fertilizer will help the dwarf holly shrub grow in early spring.

A regular water schedule is essential in the first year of planting to establish a strong root system.

Is Burford Holly Deer Resistant?

Burford holly shrub is very deer resistant. It is also highly resistant to pests and diseases making it a great choice for any landscape!

When To Prune Burford Holly

The best time to prune the Burford Holly is in the late winter or the early fall before the flower buds begin to open and bloom.

Pruning the Burford Holly is simple. Remove any dead or damaged leaves and stems that are brown, yellowed, or dry. Be sure to use pruning shears to cut the stems at soil level. 

You can also trim and cut back the Burford Holly to your preferred shape and size if you'd like.

Will Dwarf Burford Holly Grow In Shade?

Burford Holy prefers to grow in Full sun or partial shade and is meant to grow in the USDA hardiness zones 7-9. It can also grow in full shade though it may not grow as large or as quickly.

Shop our Dwarf Burford Holly today to add this easy, low-maintenance, gorgeous green shrub to your landscape today and enjoy free shipping on orders of $129 or more!

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Botanical Name
Ilex cornuta 'burfordii nana'

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Width
5-8 ft

Mature Height
5-8 ft

Growing Zones7, 8, 9

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Beautiful and healthy plants. I love buying from Perfect Plants. Unique beautiful varieties.


Perfect Plants

Thank you for your feedback, Mariella. We truly value your continued support. Hope you enjoy your Dwarf Burford Holly for many years to come.


My hollies arrived in perfect condition. They are beautiful and are doing well in my garden. I couldn't be happier.


Perfect Plants

Thank you for sharing a few kind words regarding your Dwarf Burford Holly order. We are thrilled to hear the news. All the best.

Ursula M.

The bush arrived so riot bound I wasn’t able to loosen the root ball. I pulled as many outward as I could and am hoping it survives. The branches at the bottom had black mold on it. Hopefully the sun will burn it off. Customer service was okay but since I had already gotten it in the ground I couldn’t snap a photo of the root ball, my error. I sent a picture of the lower branches and was told it looked normal. Guess it doesn’t pass on the mold too well with my iPhone 11 Pro camera. Any gardener worth their salt knows that you won’t know if the plant will live with it so root bound until the following year. I gave it two stars because right now the leaves are healthy. Will not buy from these folks again.


Perfect Plants

Hi Ursula! We're sorry to hear your situation with your Dwarf Burford Holly order. We hope you both are doing well. Take care!

Bennett M.

Two holly plants doing very well! Took a little while to get started ,but are thriving now.


Perfect Plants

Hi Bennett! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a few kind words. Glad to hear your Dwarf Burford Holly are doing well. Take care!


Plant arrived well packaged and protected and in good shape. It is doing well.


Perfect Plants

Darell, thank you for taking the time to write a few kind words about your experience. Knowing your Dwarf Burford Holly makes us super happy. Happy planting!

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