Penny Mac Hydrangea Shrub

Penny Mac Hydrangea Shrub

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Pink or Blue - The Color is Up to You! Flower Color of the Penny Mac Hydrangea is Dependent on the Manipulated Soil pH

This popular plant, the Penny Mac Hydrangea shrub (hydrangea macrophylla penny mac), is very low maintenance. Yet it provides a prolific display of beautiful mophead flowers continuously throughout the summer – perfect for the time – pressed planter!

One of the best varieties of the newer cultivars of the popular garden hydrangea, the Penny Mac was awarded a Louisiana Super Plant selection for spring 2012. It was aptly named after Penny McHenry from Atlanta Georgia, who is the founder of the American Hydrangea Society in 1994. She received the original plant as a gift and it has been cloned ever since in her honor. Get Penny Mac hydrangeas for sale at Perfect Plants for a beautiful shrub that changes colors with the soil acidity.

What Color Are Penny Mac Hydrangeas?

Mini penny hydrangeas tend to have blue flowers in acidic soils and pink flowers in more alkaline soils depending on the soil pH. The dark green leaves will stay on the shrub until the first frost and contrast the blooming mophead flowers nicely.

For best results, begin soil treatments well before the Penny Mac Hydrangea flowers in late autumn or early spring. We have seen color mixtures of pink, blue, and purple on this repeat bloomer and it is seriously gorgeous!


This blue hydrangea cultivar thrives in rich, well-drained soils and prefers partial shade unless grown in consistently moist soil. A slow-release fertilizer at the top of the root ball annually will encourage new growth.

This acid-loving plant is the perfect shrub for dappled shade in your backyard. The flower color can be changed by adding pH-changing substances to the soil. To make the large flowers have blue blooms add aluminum sulfate to their soil. To see more pink flower buds add dolomite lime to the soil.

Creates a gorgeous pink/blue display in any yard or landscape when you buy Penny Mac Hydrangeas.

Are Penny Mac Hydrangea Shrubs Perennial?

Like most hydrangeas, Penny Macs are perennial plants, meaning that they’ll continue to regrow each year after planting them in your garden. They’re deciduous, so the flowers and leaves will wither in the late fall and winter. Nevertheless, as long as you take good care of your Penny Mac hydrangeas, they’ll bloom again in the spring.

How big does a Penny Mac hydrangea get?

Penny Mac hydrangea can grow anywhere from 4 to 6 feet tall and wide with ample room to establish their root systems. It will stay small and compact if planted in a small space, like a pot. Water thoroughly the first year of planting to establish before winter.

How much sun does a Penny Mac hydrangea need?

Hydrangea Penny Macs thrive best in partial sun and partial shade. Shop for Penny Macs if you can plant these flowers in an area that will get about 4 hours of sunlight each day to ensure a healthy plant that lasts for years. Too much sun is one of the main reasons why hydrangeas wilt.

Penny Mac Hydrangea Pruning

This deciduous shrub generally does not need much pruning. Hydrangea blooms on new wood so pruning dead wood from the previous year is okay. You can also prune crossed branches or maintain desired size and shape.

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Botanical Name
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Penny Mac'

Partial Sun / Partial Shade

Flower Color
Blue, pink

Foliage Color

Mature Width
4-6 ft

Mature Height
4-6 ft

Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Patti L.
United States United States

Good value

My orders were shipped right away, received in good condition and are thriving. My hydrangeas have bloomed already. I'm very pleased with the results.

Alexander M.
United States United States

Fantastic from day 1

Absolutely beautiful with great leafage.

United States United States

Large, beautiful plants after rough delivery!

I assume I'll purchase again from Perfect Plants. We were having 100 degree plus temps when the box arrived, and it was delivered at 8:30pm, so it had been on the hideously hot truck all day! The plants came out crumpled up, leaves curled and brown and I just drowned them in water for days until they started to come around. Now we've had so much rain that I haven't been able to get them into the ground, but I'm seeing a window of opportunity and am anxious to them planted and hopefully blooming!

Susan M.

My hydrangea plant arrived with a fungus of some sort. I emailed Perfect Plants and they have been quick to respond. I have removed the Infected leaves as instructed but it seems to be quickly spreading . I have tried to treat it but no luck. They said they were replacing on the 23rd but no replacement as of Aug 2nd tracking numbers do not show a shipment was picked up. Perfect plant not so perfect and now my roses that it’s planted close to have a fungus…


Perfect Plants Nursery

Hi Susan. We are truly sorry to hear about your Penny Mac Hydrangea Shrub order and glad we were able to respond in a timely manner. We will pass your feedback along. Hope you're doing well.

Robert A.


Perfect Plants Nursery

Thank you for your Penny Mac Hydrangea Shrub order. Take care!

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