Red Twig Dogwood Shrub

Red Twig Dogwood Shrub

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Native Shrub Showcasing Unusual Red Bark, Showy Summer Flowers, and Red Fall Color for an All Season Appeal.

Looking for a unique yet tasteful flowering shrub to add visual appeal to your landscape? The Red Twig Dogwood Shrub is unlike anything you've ever seen before!

Cornus sericea, as it is botanically named, and often called the Red Osier Dogwood, is a small deciduous shrub that features bright red stemmed bark all year long and beautiful summer flowers. Red twig dogwood flower clusters bloom in late spring to early summer and are yellowish-white in color.

The flowers mature into red twig dogwood berries that are attractive to native birds and other wildlife as a beneficial food source. The white berries appear in early fall through the cold season for winter interest. Red twig dogwood leaves emerge dark green in spring and eventually fade to a dark red or crimson color in fall to show off gorgeous fall colors.

The Red Twig Dogwood bush is a good choice for stand alone plantings or kept in containers. Alternatively, plant several twig dogwood varieties in groups to create a striking and unforgettable look in your garden space. You can also turn these plants into a Red Twig Dogwood hedge for privacy.

Red Twig Dogwood Care

One of the most cold hardy shrubs, you can grow this Dwarf Red Twig Dogwood native across the United States in USDA zones 2-9. These red bushes are not picky on soil types and can grow in a variety of spaces including wet soils. They are best grown in rich soil that is well draining in a spot with full sun to partial shade.

The best time to plant red twig dogwood is in early spring or early fall so the plant has enough time to settle before winter.

For the first year of planting, keep the soil consistently moist to help establish a strong root system. Once rooted, the small tree or shrub is drought tolerant. Fertilize in spring just before new growth begins.

How Big Does a Red Twig Dogwood Grow?

The Red twig dogwood size can grow up to 6-10 feet tall and 5-8 feet wide at maturity. They are rapid growers (unlike other dogwood trees) and the red twig dogwood growth rate is up to 2 feet per year.

Red twig dogwood spacing should be between 5-6 feet apart to allow the plant to grow into its natural shape.

When to Prune Red Twig Dogwood?

Pruning red twig dogwood trees is not required but many growers do prune to keep the bark colors vibrant. The best time to prune is in early spring at the start of the growing season so the red branches can grow back with vigor.

How to Prune Red Twig Dogwood?

The best red colors appear on new wood. In early spring, prune back 20-25% of the oldest stems to encourage new growth to flush out for spring if your goal is to have a bright & colorful shrub. Alternatively, prune the multi stems almost back to the ground every 2 or 3 years to have the same effect. The loss of white flower blooms isn't considered too much of a casualty because of how simple they are.

Do Deer Like Red Twig Dogwood?

Deer are not too attracted to Red Twig Dogwood Varieties and they are considered deer resistant. This makes it a great contender for gardeners who deal with deer or other hungry wildlife frequently.

Shop the Red twig dogwood for sale today and add one of the most visually appealing plants on the market to your collection!

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Botanical Name
Cornus sericea

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Flower Color

Foliage Color

Mature Width
6-10 ft

Mature Height
5-8 ft

Growing Zones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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