Blue Point Juniper Shrub

Blue Point Juniper Shrub

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Make Your Yard Look Cool with the Blue Hues of the Blue Point Juniper

The Blue Point Juniper shrub is an elegant yet striking evergreen tree that will become a focal point in your landscape whether you plant it alone or among other trees.

Juniper Blue Point foliage has a soft blue hue, adding beautiful cool tones to your yard. It has a pyramidal growth habit that stays relatively compact even though the tree can become quite tall.

Blue Point Juniper Landscaping

Blue Point Junipers work well as a focal point tree but also look beautiful when planted near others. Planting multiple together can form a wind break or a privacy screen to keep your property peaceful and secluded. Their deep root systems prevent erosion caused by wind and weather, so they’re a great choice if you live by a field subjected to harsh winds.

You may commonly see this variety of juniper grown as a Blue Point Juniper Spiral. This is possible with meticulous pruning and provides a unique topiary effect on the landscape.

How to care For a Blue Point Juniper Bought Online

Blue Point Junipers can be grown in most of the US since they’re best suited for hardiness zones 4-9. They’re tolerant plants that can handle hot and cold weather but can’t handle excessive shade—be sure to give them plenty of sun!

Give your Blue Point upright Juniper at least six hours of sun for the best results. It can tolerate partial sun, but the more it receives, the better it will look. While it will one day be a large blue point juniper tree that won’t have a problem finding the sun, the short, young plant will struggle if it’s shaded for too long, so this is something to consider when planning where to plant it.

A good sign that your plant isn’t getting enough sunlight is if the foliage starts to look sparse and creates blank spaces.

Young Blue Point Junipers need moist soil, but they can be watered less often once established. They’re drought tolerant and can survive short periods with less water but try to avoid letting them get completely dry.

If you live in an area with excessive summer heat, you’ll need to water them more often. They do love full sun, but more sun means more water.

Junipers prefer sandy soil because they’re well-draining. They’re not tolerant of wet soil or standing water, so the soil must allow excess water to drain away.

While sandy soil is the best option, Blue Point upright Junipers are tolerant of most soil types, whether it be clay or loam. Compost or fertilizer can be added once a year or as needed, but most plants won’t need fertilizer to stay healthy if they receive enough sunlight and water.

Blue Point Juniper Size & Growth Rate

This Juniper can grow up to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It has a moderate growth rate of up to 6 inches per year. It will take a while to reach its full potential, but that can make pruning easier in the beginning if you want to keep it small.

 How to Prune a Blue Point Juniper

Pruning isn’t required to keep the plant happy, but you may want to remove branches with sparse foliage or trim the entire plant to maintain a particular shape, especially if you’re growing the tree close to your home or with others as a Blue Point Juniper hedge.

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Botanical Name
Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point'

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Mature Width
8 ft

Mature Height
12 ft

Growing Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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