July Prince Peach Tree

July Prince Peach Tree

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The July Prince Peach Tree is a yellow freestone peach variety with loads of juicy flavor and easy-to-grow qualities!

Clusters of bright pink flowers form on the Prunis persica peach ‘July Prince’ during early spring which contrasts the dark green foliage beautifully. The pink blossoms eventually mature into medium to large peach fruit by late summer or early fall. The typical harvest date would be from early to mid-August.

The large fruits are 2-3 inches in diameter and have brilliant shades of yellow and bright red blush on the skin with an inner bright yellow flesh. The July prince peach taste can be described as juicy and sweet with a mild tartness perfect for eating fresh off the tree. A heavy producer with little thinning is needed, the peach fruit will stay on the tree for some time after turning fully ripe and producing color nicely. Make sure you get to them before the birds do!

Plant this flavorful peach tree in the home landscape as a single stand-alone tree, in groups of 3-4 for plenty of peaches to harvest each year, or in flower gardens where the botanical blossoms can be seen and enjoyed during the bloom period.

What Is a Freestone Peach?

Freestone peaches are some of the best types of fruit to eat out of the hand! Freestone varieties mean how closely the pit of the peach hangs onto the fruit. Freestone peach tree pits are easily removed and generally larger than clingstone peaches. These are the best peach varieties to use for home canning, freezing, preserves, or baking.

Best Places to Plant a July Prince Peach Tree

Grow this peach tree variety across the United States in USDA zones 4-8. Full sun is required for optimal fruit production. Moist, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic will treat this fruit tree best. It does require 750-850 chill hours to produce a fruit set.

July prince peach pollination is not required. They are self-fertile trees; however, having another variety of peach trees nearby will help contribute to cross-pollination and to produce even more fruit to enjoy!

The July Prince Peach tree size is up to 12-15 feet tall and wide at full mature size. It has an exceptionally fast growth rate of up to 2 feet per year. You can keep this fast-growing peach tree pruned down to a more manageable size for easy picking! The best time to prune peaches is in late winter or early spring before flower buds or leaves have formed. The deciduous tree’s branches will be bare and easy to make pruning cuts.

Shop the July Prince Peach Tree for sale for a good flavored, yellow-fleshed freestone fruit tree! We love peach season!

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Botanical Name
Prunus persica 'Julyprince'

Full Sun

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Width
12-15 ft

Mature Height
12-15 ft

Growing Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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