Liquid Money Tree Fertilizer

Liquid Money Tree Fertilizer

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Give Your Money Tree Good Fortune with our Liquid Money Tree Fertilizer

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but some say the Chinese money tree plant will bring you good fortune. Money trees are popular houseplants that you’ll typically see braided in stores not only because it’s pretty to look at but because the braids are what capture the fortune. They’re also easy to care for once you understand their water preference, and when you use our liquid money tree fertilizer, you can be sure your plant will be happy and healthy.

Our money tree fertilizer is well-rounded and formulated to give your plant everything it needs. With an NPK ratio of 9-3-6, you can expect deep green foliage and steady growth when following our fertilizer application suggestions. It also includes many vital nutrients the plant needs to thrive, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, manganese, and zinc.

The fertilizer is mixed with a specific fertilizer-to-water ratio, and then you can feed your plant as little or as much fertilizer as it needs based on its size and water needs. You can give your plant fertilizer with your regular watering routine, so it’s super simple to incorporate into your current schedule if you already have a money tree at home.

How to Fertilize Money Tree

For every one gallon of water, add a teaspoon of money tree fertilizer. You can keep extra mixed fertilizer to water ratio for up to six months, so you don’t have to use an entire gallon right away if you don’t need to. Money trees don’t require much fertilizer each month, so it would be wise to mix the fertilizer in a gallon container with a lid so you can save it for next time.

To apply the fertilizer, water your plant as you usually would but use the fertilizer water. 

How Often to Fertilize Money Tree

Money trees only need to be fertilized once per month in the spring and summer and don’t need any in winter. Keep track of how often you fertilize, so you don’t accidentally give it too much, as money trees don’t like to get too much water or nutrients. 

Money trees don’t like wet soil, so you can allow them to dry out quite a bit before you water them again. You can give them water once the top two inches of soil are dry, but don’t wait any longer than when the top four inches are dry. Our Money Tree Soil is the perfect blend.

In their natural habitat, money trees receive a lot of rain at once and then go through dry spells. Try to mimic this pattern, but never allow the plant to dry out completely. Some people find money trees tricky to care for at first because they like a lot of water all at once, but they also don’t want too much! Be generous with the water and ensure the container has drainage holes so the excess can drain out, and you’ll be on your way to a happy money tree.

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