Orchid Food & Fertilizer

Orchid Food & Fertilizer

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Slow Release Orchid Fertilizer Lasts for One Full Year

Orchid Food and Fertilizer by Perfect Plants

Specially formulated, slow release fertilizer for acid loving plants. Perfect for all varieties of orchids, bromeliads, and some ferns. This is the best orchid fertilizer for your plants!

The orchid plant food comes in a 5 oz resealable bag suitable for all orchid types. It is an easy to use, one time application that lasts for 6 full months before needing reapplication.

Choose a fertilizer based on your ability to imitate natural environments. We believe time release pellet based formula is best for orchids because there is less room for error than with liquid orchid fertilizers.

This nutricote orchid fertilizer bag will last for multiple applications on a single plant over 3 years or use on multiple orchids.

Has an NPK rate of 13-11-11 for healthy, beautiful orchid growth, an increase in color saturation, and increased bloom time. The orchid fertilizer contains trace elements like phosphorus, potassium, and small amounts of nitrogen to enrich your acid loving plants. The best orchid food does not contain fertilizer salts which can burn or even kill your orchid plants.


  • This slow release fertilizer is water soluble so be sure to get your orchids on a regular watering schedule. We recommend you water your orchid once a week by either spraying or placing an ice cube on the top of your soil.
  • When feeding your orchid, be sure to do it during the active growth season. Orchids grow most during the spring and summer months. Only fertilize in the growing season. Stop fertilizing in the winter.
  • This fertilizer solution will produce beautiful blooms on your orchid plant. Apply fertilizer every 6 months and be sure to not go overboard and put excess fertilizer.
  • The potting medium you plant your orchids in is very important. Phalaenopsis orchids love room to breathe and space for roots to expand. Pair with our Orchid Potting Mix or Orchid Pine Bark to maximize benefits to your healthy orchid plants.

Orchid growers from all around rave about our orchid fertilizer for its easy application and amazing results! Growing orchids has never been more fun!

Check out the Orchid Grow Guide for information on how to care for orchids and other epiphytic plants.

When To Fertilize Orchids & How Often Should I Fertilize My Orchid?

After its blooms have fallen, orchids should be fertilized once a month, at least. For best results, try dividing and diluting that fertilizer evenly to fertilize the orchid once a week. Whatever you decide, the most important thing for fertilizing orchids is to be consistent. 

Do Orchids Need Fertilizer?

Yes, orchids need to be fertilized regularly to get all the necessary trace elements. Ensure that your food for orchids contains no urea or a minimal amount of it. 

Can I Use Orchid Food On Other Plants And Roses?

Yes, orchid food contains many of the nutrients that roses and other plants also need, especially houseplants. This fertilizer is perfect for acid loving fruit trees and other plants like azaleas and camellias.

You should avoid using it on vegetable plants or any other plant that you'll be eating or consuming.

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