Pugster Amethyst® Butterfly Bush

Pugster Amethyst® Butterfly Bush

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Order Buddleia Pugster Amethyst® Butterfly Bush for Sale Online

The Buddleia Pugster Amethyst® Butterfly Bush is a captivating and sought-after addition to any garden or landscape. This exceptional butterfly bush variety is cherished for its compact growth habit and its ability to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators, adding life and beauty to outdoor spaces.

The Pugster Amethyst® Butterfly Bush showcases dense, green foliage that provides a lush backdrop to its abundant and show-stopping amethyst-colored flowers. These flowers exhibit a unique and alluring shade of violet, with clusters of blooms that create a spectacular display. Not only do these flowers add a burst of color to your garden, but they also emit a delightful fragrance that further entices butterflies and other pollinators.

To showcase the beauty and functionality of the Pugster Amethyst® Butterfly Bush in your landscape, consider planting it in mixed borders or as a focal point where its stunning violet blooms can create a visual impact.

Its compact size makes it suitable for smaller gardens or containers, allowing you to enjoy its charm even in limited spaces. Additionally, pruning can be done in early spring to maintain its desired shape and stimulate new growth.

How to Grow Pugster Amethyst Butterfly Bush That You Bought Online

In terms of growth, the Pugster Amethyst® Butterfly Bush reaches a mature height and spread of 2 feet, making it an excellent choice for smaller gardens, containers, or urban landscapes. It thrives best in USDA grow zones 5-9 and requires a location that receives full sun to promote optimal flowering.

This butterfly bush is adaptable to various soil types, but well-drained soil is preferable for healthier growth. Regular watering is necessary, especially during dry periods, to support its development. Fertilize in spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to provide essential nutrients for abundant blooms.

With its captivating and fragrant amethyst-colored flowers and ability to attract butterflies and pollinators, the Pugster Amethyst® Butterfly Bush is a must-have for any garden or landscape design. Embrace its compact form, stunning floral display, and enchanting fragrance as it adds vibrancy and life to your outdoor oasis.

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Botanical Name
Buddleia x

Full Sun

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Width
2 ft

Mature Height
2 ft

Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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