Arabica Coffee Plant

Arabica Coffee Plant

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Easy to Grow Your Own Coffee Beans & Full of Antioxidants — Buy Arabica Coffee Plants for Sale Online!

The Arabica Coffee Plant, also known as Coffea Arabica botanically, is a highly coveted plant that is grown for its exquisite coffee beans and lush foliage. Due to its unique aromatic and flavorful beans, Arabica Coffee Plants are a popular choice for coffee connoisseurs who desire the freshest and most flavorful coffee.

In addition to its desirable beans, the Arabica Coffee Plant is also admired for its glossy, dark green foliage that serves as an attractive backdrop in any garden or landscape. The red cherries that appear on the Arabica Coffee Plant are the source of the cherished coffee beans. The beans themselves are considered to be of unparalleled quality and are used in some of the world's most well-loved and popular coffee blends.

Plants will begin producing in 2-4 years after planting. White flowers will emerge in spring that mature into bright red coffee cherry fruit. These fruits will turn into the beans you know and love. One cherry produces two beans and the plant can produce hundreds of cherries. More coffee for you!

Coffee Arabica Plant Care

The Arabica Coffee Plant can grow to a mature height of 6-10 feet tall and a width of 3-6 feet. It is common to keep the plant pruned to 6 feet for ease of harvesting. If left unkept, it can grow larger. 

It is well-suited for USDA grow zones 10-11 and prefers a warm and humid climate. This plant performs best when grown in partial shade to protect it from direct sunlight that can scorch the leaves. If you live in a colder climate, this plant is an ideal choice for growing on a patio in a container. Move indoors for winter when temperatures drop.

The Arabica Coffee Plant requires regular watering to ensure that the soil stays evenly moist but not waterlogged. It is recommended to use a well-draining potting soil and to avoid letting water sit in the saucer under the plant to prevent root rot. A regular feeding schedule with an acidic fertilizer will help maintain the plant's health and vigor.

While the Arabica Coffee Plant is typically grown commercially, it can also be an attractive addition to any garden or landscape. When grown outdoors, they can be planted in a partially shaded location, such as under a tree or next to a larger shrub.

They can also be grown as a tropical houseplant, as they thrive in warm and humid environments. As houseplants, they can be placed in any room that receives bright, indirect light, allowing the plant to be an attractive, conversation-starting addition to any household.

Enjoy the ultimate in flavorful and aromatic coffee with the Arabica Coffee Plant. Plant it in a partially shaded area of your garden or landscape, or grow it indoors as a tropical houseplant. Its lustrous foliage and beautiful berries will add texture and interest to any space, providing a unique and dynamic visual element.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow one of the world's most beloved coffee plants and enjoy its exceptional beans in the comfort of your own home.

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Botanical Name
Coffea arabica

Full Sun/Partial Sun

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Width
3-6 ft

Mature Height
6-10 ft

Growing Zones 10-11 Outdoor / 3-11 Patio

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