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117 products

Give Your Landscape a Classic Look with Our Collection of Green Bushes

Simplicity is underrated—sometimes, all you need is a classic green bush! Whether you want a non-flowering privacy hedge or something with green foliage and showy flowers, our collection of green bushes will have something to suit every need.

The Sky Pencil Holly grows tall enough to serve as a privacy hedge and take on the look of a small tree. If you want something smaller, the Blue Rug Juniper Shrub is an excellent ground cover that will fill up spaces where other plants won’t grow. You can add some color to your landscape with the Summer Crush Hydrangea Bush, which has dark green foliage and bright pink flowers.

Green Bushes Care Overview

Our extensive collection of green bushes has something for every garden. There is sure to be something that will be the perfect height to grow well in your climate. These bushes are easy to care for, and there are many drought-tolerant varieties you can almost forget about once they’re established in your yard.

Whether you’re looking for an accent plant, something to use as a focal point, or a privacy hedge, we have what you need!

How to Plant Green Bushes

Plant your shrubs in early spring before new growth appears so you can take advantage of the entire growing season to establish your plant.

To plant green bushes in the ground, dig a hole about the size of the root ball. Place the plant inside and cover up empty spaces with soil, making sure you don’t bury the root ball too deeply.

If you’re growing your green bush in a container, follow the same steps but make sure your container is no more than 3 inches larger than the root ball and has a drainage hole. Plants don’t always do well in too large containers because they can hold too much water.

Mature Heights and Zoning

Our collection has plants that reach less than 1 foot in height and up to 40 feet tall! We also have plants perfect for temperate climates and hardy varieties that can survive the harsh winters of zone 3 and the summers of zone 11. These plants may need protection during the most brutal parts of the year, so consider this as you plan out your landscape.

How to Water Green Bushes

Your green bushes will need extra water while they get established in your garden, especially during the hottest parts of summer or if they’re receiving six or more hours of direct sunlight. Plants in shaded areas won’t need as much water. If you need to conserve water, add a thick layer of mulch to keep the ground moist.

Once your plants are established, you won’t have to water as often, especially if your area receives enough rainfall throughout the year.

How to Fertilize Green Bushes

Slow-release fertilizer is the best option for green bushes because you can apply it once in the spring and not have to do it again until next year.

Apply fertilizer at the root ball for new plants before you cover them with soil. For established plants, apply it at the base of the plant and then cover it with mulch. Covering the fertilizer will prevent the nutrients from draining away when you water your plants.

How to Prune Green Bushes

Each plant will have specific pruning requirements or no requirements at all. Some bushes can be cut back to keep their same size but appear lusher. For others, you can remove old branches as needed. Some plants grow new flowers on old growth, so be sure you know what your plant needs before you start pruning.

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