Parsoni Juniper Shrub

Parsoni Juniper Shrub

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Enjoy the Deep Blue-Green of Juniper Parsoni All Year Long

The Parsoni Juniper shrub is an evergreen plant that will keep its foliage year-round in most of the US. The shrub lays low and spreads as it grows, making it a good plant to use in large areas you want to cover up.

The plant is deep green with blue undertones. The pointed foliage looks sharp and rigid in appearance but will bring some elegance to your garden.

The plant is a conifer and will develop cones during the growing season. Female plant cones look like small berries. Juniper doesn’t flower, so the cones and Parsoni Juniper berries are the only things you’ll see on the plant besides foliage. 

Parsoni Juniper ground cover is often used as an accent plant since it grows quickly and covers large areas. It’s ideal for slopes or between shrubs since it can control erosion. You can also allow it to hang over a wall for a beautiful cascading effect.

Parsoni Juniper Care

Juniper Parsoni will grow in most parts of the US since it’s ideal for hardiness zones 4-9. The plant won’t grow well outside this range and may require protection or be brought indoors in summer or winter. The plant is tolerant of heat, humidity, and salt spray from oceans, so you can grow this plant almost anywhere.

Juniper will look its best and have brighter coloration when given full sun. It can tolerate partial shade, but too much will result in leggy, patchy growth. If you use it to fill in gaps in your garden, make sure it’s not in areas that are too shady, so you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Juniper Parsoni needs moist soil while it establishes in your garden to promote a robust root system. Once established, it’s drought-tolerant and won’t need to be watered as often.

If you live in areas prone to excessive heat and drought in summer, you’ll need to supply more water until the temperatures cool down again. Juniper appreciates moist soil when the weather conditions are harsh.

Juniper Parsoni needs well-draining soil since it can’t tolerate soggy soil or standing water. It likes slightly acidic soil but can tolerate alkaline soil if necessary. Sandy, clay, or loam soil will work well since it doesn’t have particular soil requirements.

New plants will benefit from a thick layer of mulch to keep the ground moist while it establishes in your garden.

Juniper Parsoni Size

The plant is a low grower, reaching only 2-3 feet in height. It can spread 4-10 feet wide, so it won’t take many plants to fill a flower bed. 

Juniper Parsoni doesn’t need to be pruned. You can remove excess growth as needed. The plant can spread up to 10 feet, so you may need to prune it often if you plant it near other plants that need space. Consider how large it can get as you’re planning your garden, especially if you don’t want to prune the plant.

You may often see enthusiasts growing this as a Juniper Parsoni bonsai due to its dwarf size and low maintenance habits. It's beautiful any way that you plant it!

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Botanical Name
Juniperus chinensis 'Parsonii'

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Mature Width
4-10 ft

Mature Height
2-3 ft

Growing Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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