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Hosta plants are fun and easy shrubs to grow. They perform well in shade gardens and can be grown across most of the United States. You can buy hostas online to have in your garden!

These herbaceous groundcovers are perennial plants and will come back year after year with the proper care and maintenance. It doesn't take much effort to keep them thriving. They will spread to the area that you plant them in.

Did you know hostas are edible? Although almost forgotten on the edible foods list hostas can be foraged and cooked in many ways. Eating hostas is a lost art. 

Deer love plants and like to eat hostas too! Hostas are a tasty treat for passing deer and one of their favorite groundcover plants to eat. But don’t worry, there are ways to safeguard your hostas from hungry deer.

What Are the Best Hostas to Buy Online?

There are hundreds of different types of hostas that have different colored leaves and flower colors. Our selection of colorful hostas for sale includes over 6 hosta varieties that are great options if you are looking for low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for. They can spruce up any garden area and love to be planted underneath trees in the shade.

Some of our favorite hostas include the Guacamole Hosta, Halcyon Hosta, & Patriot Hosta for their unique color patterns and large, herbaceous leaves.

Hostas are evergreen in some locations and deciduous in others. If you are in a cold climate they will die down to the ground during the winter. In the spring the leaves will re-emerge when the weather warms up. 

What to Know About Your New Hostas

Hostas prefer well-drained soil and part shade to full shade. Growing hostas in your landscape will provide a pop of colorful foliage during the spring and summer growing months. A slender flower stalk will appear as well.

Growing hostas is rewarding to see the plants grow and produce their beautiful flower blossoms year after year. They take consistent upkeep to keep them looking their best. An annual application of fertilizer will help provide nutrients lacking in the soil and helps the plants grow to their best ability.

Being herbaceous perennials, the plants will die back in the winter when the weather is harsh. New shoots will pop up in spring.

Hostas can be creative landscaping plants. Landscaping with hostas ensures you will have unique gardens. They can be planted in borders, shade gardens, or even in containers. You can plant hostas around trees or underneath small trees. Trees provide sufficient shade and protection from the hot sun. The hosta roots are not too wide and will not damage the tree roots. 

Check out the Hosta Growing Guide for more information on these gorgeous shade plants.

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Where to Plant Hostas Bought Online

Hosta plants love the shade! The best places to plant hostas are in shaded areas with partial and limited sun exposure.  Pro tip: morning sun is better for sensitive plants, as too much afternoon sun can scorch the leaves. Hosta plants thrive best across the United States in USDA growing zones 4-9, they are very cold hardy!

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