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Even if you don’t have a lot of natural light in your home, fear not. You too, can care for and cherish a variety of uniquely beautiful low light houseplants. At Perfect Plants, we offer a broad selection of low light indoor plants that are easy to care for and beautiful in just about any setting.

Take the striking Calathea Rattlesnake Plant, for instance. Scattered across its undulating surface, high contrast colors skip and hop down long serpentine leaves. Even more intriguing, the underside of Calathea leaves displays a surprisingly solid purple hue. Best of all, this exotic plant loves low light conditions and can be grown nearly anywhere in your home!

The Appeal of Houseplants with Low Light

Low light plants come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, the Marble Queen Pothos Vine is short, pliable, and travels along surfaces, while the Snake Plant is tall and rigid with elongated spiking leaves.

One thing that low light houseplants all have in common though is you can easily grow them in your home or office because they thrive in low light conditions.

How Do Low Light Plants Survive?

Many species of plants have evolved to become less dependent on sunlight to survive. Small plants that live in large forests with high canopies will not get as much sunlight, so they adapt with broad leaves. Keep in mind that these plants still need some sun, just not nearly as much as a plant that requires full sun.

Characteristics Of Low Light Houseplants

If you’re unsure about how much sunlight an unidentified plant needs, there are few like characteristics amongst low light & indoor plants. Low light houseplants tend to have leaves with very large surfaces, allowing them to soak in all of the sunlight that’s available. Furthermore, most types of low light houseplants are lightweight overall. Their lighter leaves require less energy to keep fed.

How to Use Low Light Houseplants in Your Home

Indoor plants for low light provide the perfect accent to your home or office décor. What’s more, you get to have the feeling of being surrounded by nature, even when you’re indoors.

Taking the time to set up your indoor garden is a good investment too. One of the many benefits of indoor plants is that they purify the air and add positive energy to your space. This is because plants have a healing effect upon the human body, and they help reduce stress. 

Adding houseplants to your indoor space is easy and fun too. Select pots that match your vibe and bring you joy. Place your low light plants in areas where you plan to spend a lot of time and where they will be readily visible.

What Does Low Light Mean for Plants?

In a home, there are mainly 4 different light zones. They are all determined by your home’s orientation to the sun, the types of windows you have, and the artificial lighting your home possesses.

“Full Sun” – Direct Sunlight via Window or Skylight

If your home is oriented toward the south and/or you have a variety of south-facing windows, your home is an ideal candidate for providing direct sunlight. Place your low-light houseplants far away from windows and more toward the darker parts of a room.

“Partial Sun” – Bright Indirect Sunlight

In nature, this is where a plant would ideally live in dappled or partial sun conditions. To recreate this condition in your home, choose a bright room. Bathrooms and kitchens are often great places where plants will get ample indirect sunlight.

South-facing rooms with large windows not only have direct light, but they have bright ambient light too, as one moves away from the windows. Many houseplants prefer this zone. This is because they can receive all the light they need while also avoiding the scorching heat from direct sunlight.

“Shade” – Moderate, Evenly Diffused Light

If you have large open windows facing the north, east, or west you will likely have the perfect level of medium to low-light. Most low light plants will prefer this kind of lighting. However, be sure to keep plants out of the direct path of the winter sun at sunrise and sunset. Bedrooms are good options for these shade-loving plants, as they often have dimmer lighting.

“Deep Shade” – Low Ambient Light

Some tropical plants are used to living in deep forests where very little light can penetrate. This makes them perfect for rooms with little to no natural lighting.

In rooms without windows, hallways, offices, or even perhaps basement areas with smaller windows, you will find that lighting is almost exclusively reliant upon an artificial source. These dim rooms may be able to support low-light houseplants like the Zz Plant and Green Peace Lily; so long as you use the room regularly, and provide a few hours of artificial light daily.  

Other Considerations When Caring for Low Light Houseplants

Indoor plants are relatively low maintenance and easy to take care of. There are a few things we can do to keep them happy and healthy.

Low Light Indoor Plants Temperature and Humidity

House plants prefer a warm and more tropical setting. It’s a good idea to use a humidifier in the house and keep your thermostat between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid placing plants near doors and windows that may let in cold drafts.

Low Light Plants Watering

Water your plants regularly and deeply, as needed. For most indoor plants, allow them to mostly dry out between waterings.

Low Light Plants Soil and Fertilizer Information

Indoor plants prefer rich, well-fertilized soil. It is best to buy a well-draining soil that is expertly mixed for houseplants.

Low Light Plants Pruning

Indoor plants seldom need pruning or shaping, except perhaps bonsai plants. It is a good idea, however, to routinely look over your plants, trim off scraggly overgrowth, stray branches, and remove any dead leaves.

Add Low Light Houseplants to Your Interior Space Today!

It’s easier than ever to purify indoor air, accent décor, and turn your home into a lush retreat with low light indoor plants.

At Perfect Plants, we have a variety of low-light houseplants that are sure to add verdant beauty to your interior living spaces. To check out our full list of shade-loving houseplants, click here. Order yours today!

Happy planting!

Shop low light houseplants for sale today to add to your indoor plant collection!

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