Liquid Snake Plant Fertilizer

Liquid Snake Plant Fertilizer

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Keep Your Snake Plants Standing Tall with Snake Plant Food

Snake plants are typically considered one of the best houseplants for those who are new to keeping plants. Their drought tolerance allows forgetful plant owners not to worry about keeping them watered, and their low light requirements allow anyone in a dark home to enjoy plants.

Their unique broad, pointy leaves are strikingly beautiful in any home or office setting. If you want to keep the stripes on your snake plant bold and brilliant, our liquid snake plant food will be the key to success!

Our snake plant food has an NPK of 9-3-6, which will promote new growth and keep the coloration of your plant stark and stunning. Our snake plant fertilizer will also provide your plants with much-needed nutrients, including calcium, sulfur, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, and manganese. Your plants will surely shine when you consistently feed them our snake plant food. 

The amount your plant will need will vary based on its size and soil quality. Since the fertilizer gets mixed into water and you pour it on your plants, you can pour it until your plant is well-watered. It’s an easy way to give your plants the nutrients they need!

How to Fertilize Snake Plants

You can fertilize your snake plant by mixing one teaspoon of snake plant food with one gallon of water and water your plant with the mixture as you would typically water your plant with regular water. Replace your normal watering with the fertilizer—you don’t need to do two separate waterings.

Since snake plants like to receive their water at once, you can be generous with how much fertilizer you pour, but be sure you don’t waterlog your plant. Signs of overwatering will include discolored foliage that will be yellow or a dark color. You may also notice leaves feeling squishy and falling over.

How Often to Fertilize Snake Plants

You only need to fertilize your snake plant once a month. You’ll know when to water snake plants when the snake plant soil is completely dry. You may only need to water normally just once a month, but the frequency will depend on several conditions, such as how much sunlight it gets, the container size, and the temperature of your home.

Indoor plants don’t grow as much in the fall or winter, so you can stop giving your plants fertilizer during the cool months and only give them regular water when needed. They need fertilizer in spring in summer because that’s when they grow the most and are likely to develop new leaves.

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