Premium Orchid Bark Mix

Premium Orchid Bark Mix

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Orchid Bark Mix Provides Plenty of Room for Drainage & An Optimum Environment

Orchids hold a singular fascination in our minds. Their delicate flowers, vibrant coloring, and elegantly arching branches have dazzled our senses since they were first brought into our homes in the 1700s. 

Recreating the Ideal Natural Habitat

While orchids offer stunning beauty, many of us have had a difficult time keeping them alive as houseplants. The good news is that orchids are now easier than ever to take care of and can flourish beautifully in your home for many years. 

Orchid Growing Medium

Orchids are a little different from other plants. In the wild, they grow on rocks or the sides of trees. For this reason, they will not grow in regular potting soil. Instead, they need a planting medium that is loose and penetrable by air. 

Orchids have large roots that need a lot of oxygen. To replicate this native environmental factor, it is essential to plant your orchid in a medium that is similar to its native habitat and allows for good air circulation. Our Pine Bark for Orchids does just that. 

Orchid Light Requirements

Orchids need a lot of light. They tend to thrive best in a south-facing window, right on the sill. Adequate light will ensure optimal blooming and coloration. 

Orchid Watering

You may be wondering how often should i water orchids in bark? Many orchids have been lost due to overwatering. Allow your planting medium to completely dry out between waterings. When watering use lukewarm water and fully saturate the plant’s roots. Then allow the water to fully drain away. 

Orchids are native to tropical and subtropical regions and therefore love a humid atmosphere. They tend to do best with a relative humidity between 50 to 70 percent. This is why we hear about orchids doing exceptionally well when located in a sunny bathroom. The steam from frequent showers enables them to thrive. 

Orchid Temperature Range

Orchids grow best in areas with a nighttime temperature between 50 to 60 degrees. Interestingly, orchids also need to have a 10-degree drop from daytime temperatures in order to bloom abundantly. In other words, consistent or stagnant temperatures will stifle flowering. 

What to Love About Our Bulk Orchid Bark Substrate

Our specially formulated Premium Orchid Bark Mix allows the much-needed aeration that orchid roots need to stay healthy.

Organic Pine Tree Bark

Our orchid potting bark is responsibly sourced from local long-leaf pines. Pine tree bark is uniquely ideal for providing all orchid varieties with the aeration, pH level, and balanced moisture they need to thrive. We cut our pine bark to the perfect grade and size to facilitate optimal growth. Its attractive red color will also make your plant look expertly maintained and even more lovely. 

Other Uses

Our Premium Orchid Bark substrate is also suitable for use with potted bonsai trees, terrariums, and landscape designs. Plus, our bark makes a great admixture to other kinds of soil and serves as an excellent mulch.

Consider Using Our Fine Orchid Bark for Your Prized Plants!

Our Premium Orchid Bark is sourced here in the US and packaged on our Florida farm. When you buy from Perfect Plants you are directly supporting a local and small business. We appreciate and value your patronage!

Happy planting!

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