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The Perfect Plants Patio Fruit Tree Collection will have you buzzin' to add to your home garden repertoire. Our patio fruit includes some of the most popular and fruitful fruit trees around that are perfect for growing in containers on patios or porches! Our potted fruit trees produce the most full-flavored berries, figs, pears and more! 

Our potted tree collection includes dwarf fruit trees or semi dwarf fruit trees that can be container grown and kept on your patio deck or porch. Keeping patio fruit trees in containers is especially useful if you do not have a huge yard to plant fruit trees in or lots of space.

If you have ever dreamed of having a fruit tree orchard but felt hindered due to having limited space, these patio trees are for you.

Do Patio Trees Bought Online Produce Fruit?

YES! Patio fruit trees will bear fruit with the appropriate care and growing conditions.

To ensure the fruit is produced - choose fruit tree varieties appropriate for your planting zone, give them plenty of sunlight, water, and nutrients. You'll have fruit in no time! Some of the most popular patio fruit tree fruit varieties include the Chicago Hardy Fig, Fuyu PersimmonFignomenal Fig Tree, and Arapaho Blackberry.

Something else to consider is the pollination requirements for your new tree. Many trees are self fertile, meaning they only need 1 tree to produce fruit. Some trees require another tree nearby to cross pollinate with each other to grow fruit. Many types of fig trees, peach trees, apple trees,  and plum trees are self fertile and perfect for growing patio fruit trees in pots!

How to Grow Patio Fruit Trees You Purchased from Perfect Plants

Growing fruit trees in pots is easy! When growing potted fruit trees on the patio, use a container to grow them that is at least 30 cm or 12 inches in diameter, with a drainage hole and plenty of nutrient dense potting mix  like our Fruit Tree Planting Mix. 

Fill your container with a soil based compost to help retain moisture and water thoroughly. Be sure to water them thoroughly and on a regular schedule. Container grown plants will need to be watered more frequently because they dry out quicker than when planting them in the ground. This is especially important during the spring and summer months when temperatures are hotter and the potted trees are actively growing. 

Patio trees prefer sunny spots outside or by a sunny window. Choosing a planting spot with plenty of full sunlight will help with fruit production. The best time to plant patio fruit trees is in the spring during the growing season, or often in the late summer or fall, depending on the variety.

Dwarf or semi dwarf fruit trees will stay small but may need to be pruned annually or every other year to maintain a desirable shape and size. 

Fertilize annually in early spring with a slow release fertilizer to help them jumpstart their growth. Trees will need to be repotted every few years to freshen up the soil and give their root systems room to grow. 

You don't need an orchard to produce fruit fresh for eating! Buy our patio fruit trees for sale online!

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