Olympian Fig Tree

Olympian Fig Tree

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This is the perfect tree for a stunning addition to your yard! Not only is the Olympian Fig Tree aesthetically pleasing with its lush green foliage and delicious sweet fruit, but it’s also easy to maintain and delivers a bountiful harvest each season. 

Enjoy Abundant Harvest of Sweet Fruits

With an Olympian Fig Tree, you can enjoy an abundant harvest of sweet and juicy fruits every season! Plucking these juicy figs from the trees is always a delight, and you’ll be gaining not just nutritional benefits but aesthetic ones as well. Their fruits vary slightly in color and flavor depending on their ripeness, adding a unique twist to your harvest!

Variegated Leaves and Attractive Twigs

Not only do Olympian Fig Tree’s provide delicious fruits, they also have attractive foliage and twig colors. 

The leaves of the tree are oval-shaped and range in color from bright green to grey-green with slight variations depending on the season. This vivid and appealing leaf color will bring a wonderful contrast to any garden! 

Also, the bark of the Olympian Fig Tree has an orange-brown tint with peeling light brown patches. These unique features of this tree add texture and visual interest to your yard all year round!

This is One Super Fast-Growing Fruit Tree

The Olympian Fig Tree is a fast-growing species, growing up to 6 feet tall and wide in a single season. They are also easy to propagate and can be grown from cuttings or division. 

Once you have established your Olympian Fig Tree in your garden, it requires minimal maintenance due to its hardiness and drought tolerance – making it an ideal choice for beginners!

Enhances the Beauty of Your Yard!

The Olympia Fig tree not only provides you with lush green foliage and sweet-tasting figs but its beautiful leaves feature an attractive silvery white underside, and bright yellow flowers in the spring. 

This gorgeous tree also offers edible fruit throughout the growing season, making it a great choice for adding beauty and appeal to your yard.

Provides Shade from The Sun's Heat

In addition to its visual appeal, the Olympian Fig Tree can provide a pleasantly cooling environment on hot days. Its dense foliage offers ample shade to help keep your garden temperature lower during those hot summer months, making it a comfortable and inviting space for you and your guests to relax in.

Now is the time to purchase your very own Olympian Fig Tree and add elegance and grandeur to your outdoor space! Order yours today.

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Botanical Name
Ficus carica 'Olympian'

Full Sun

Foliage Color

Mature Width
8-10 ft

Mature Height
8-12 ft

Growing Zones 6-10 Outdoor / 3-11 Patio

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