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Pothos is the common name for flowering plants from the genus Epipremnum, which belongs to the Araceae family. Pothos are native to China, Southeast Asia, and Australia’s warm, tropical, and subtropical regions. 

In their native habitat, pothos is an evergreen perennial ground cover plant with trailing vine-like stems and glossy green leaves. Some varieties will show beautiful variegation. Pothos indoor plants do not usually flower when grown inside.

When grown as an indoor houseplant, pothos excels in a hanging basket or container on a shelf where it can trail down and create a wall of greenery.

Benefits of Pothos Plants

Pothos are great plants for beginning houseplant parents. Easy to grow, they not only add greenery to a room but build confidence in plant care. Pothos are also easy to propagate by cuttings, and rapid growers, giving plenty of opportunities to practice the skill of taking cuttings.

Foliage houseplants are also excellent air-cleansing agents. NASA studied houseplants as a way to purify the air of pollutants like VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in many building materials. Check out all our Air Purifying Plants!

Types of Pothos Plants

The most common pothos grown as houseplants are varieties and cultivars of Golden Pothos, Epipremnum aureum. Most others are a variety of E. aureum, including ‘Neon,’ ‘Marble Queen,’ ‘Snow Queen,’ ‘Lime,’ and’ Pearls and Jade,’ among others. 

Blue Pothos or similarly named plants are usually a variety of the species Epipremnum pinnatum. Other common names for varieties include ‘Dragon Tail,’ ‘Tibatib,’ which looks like Monstera deliciosa, and ‘Taro vine.’

Green Pothos Plant Care

Wondering how to care for pothos plants? It's not hard! Pothos have a reputation as being easy to care for. They are tolerant of lower light levels, sporadic watering, and many different soil types. Epipremnum sp. are great plants for those whose thumb is a little less green.

Best Soil for Pothos Plants

Pothos will do well in any standard potting mix but our Pothos Soil Mix is best. They need good drainage, so add some perlite to the mix to help out. Make sure the pot has holes in the bottom. Keeping the soil too wet can lead to root rot.

Fertilize with a general-purpose fertilizer about every two weeks during the growing season. Fertilizing during the winter months can be reduced. 

How Often Should I Water My Pothos Plant?

Pothos should be allowed to dry out a bit between waterings. Constantly moist soil is not necessary. 

Depending on your home’s humidity level, you may need to water about once per week or less frequently. Try to imitate one good tropical rainstorm a week instead of a constant Seattle drizzle. 

How to Trim Pothos Plants

Pothos are relatively rapid growers, which is great because they will trail off the shelf, dangle from the hanging basket, or sneak along the bookshelf and make a stunning display. Sometimes you may want to give your pothos a trim if it gets out of hand or if you’re going to try making a new plant for yourself or as a gift.

Using sharp, clean scissors or secateurs, snip just above a node. You will find a node at the junction between the main stem and the leaf.

 If rooting cuttings, take pieces that are about six inches long, with 3-4 leaves. Root them either in moist soil or in a water jar. With either method, make sure to cover at least one node on the cut stem.

Are Pothos Plants Toxic to Cats and Dogs?

Yes, all parts of a pothos are toxic to cats, dogs, and even humans. Symptoms usually include vomiting and irritation. The sap from the stems can cause a rash in susceptible individuals. Don’t let your cat eat a whole pothos.

Pothos Companion Plants

Pothos are usually grown alone in pots but could be planted in a larger container with another plant. Like a pothos hanging basket, if choosing to make a large planter consider a tall focal specimen, a filler plant, and let the pothos be the trailing star of the show.

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