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Most Popular Bushes With Purple Flowers

There are quite a few types of bushes that feature gorgeous purple flowers, and the color is a popular choice for garden arrangements. One common option is the Liriope Royal Purple Shrub, known for its densely-packed royal purple blooms. During the fall, the flowers turn into tiny little blackberries. Another very popular purple-flowered shrub is Lavender, which comes in 47 species and is recognizable for its strong, distinct scent. There’s also the Black Knight Butterfly Bush. It features large purple flower heads, and its fresh fragrance will attract pollinators like bees and hummingbirds to your garden. The Royal Red Butterfly Bush is another great option for a purple-red cone shaped flower that will attract pollinators to your yard. 

Purple Bush Companion Plants

If you’re looking for plants that will complement your purple leaf bushes, you can’t go wrong with bright yellow colored bushes. One fantastic option would be the Limelight Hydrangea Bush, which features beautiful cone-shaped flowers. Another route you could go would be to pair your purple-flowered shrubs with the Sunshine Ligustrum Shrub. The evergreen shrubs turn a bright, vibrant yellow during the summer heat, which will add a lovely splash of life to your garden. 

If yellow flowers aren’t your cup of tea, choosing a pretty orange plant could also go well with your purple bushes. One popular choice is the Double Take Orange Quince plant, which will bless your garden with stunning rose-like blossoms in a deep orange hue. 

Bushes With Purple Leaves

While purple flowers always look lovely, sometimes your garden needs a shrub with lush purple foliage instead. One of the most popular choices is the Loropetalum Ruby Chinese Fringe Flower Shrub, which grows hot pink flowers and dark-purple leaves. Another beautiful variety of Chinese Fringe Flower Shrub is the Loropetalum Zhuzhou. The Zhuzhou features rich burgundy foliage and tends to grow larger than the Loropetalum Ruby. Alternatively, you could grace your garden with a My Monet Purple Effect Weigela plant, recognizable for its breathtaking mix of purple and green foliage with bright pink flowers.

How To Use Purple Bushes for Landscaping

There are a variety of ways you can effectively utilize shrubs with purple flowers or foliage in your landscaping. With darker-colored purple bushes, many people use them as a backdrop for highlighting brighter perennial flowers. Another excellent option is to plant your purple bushes at the edges of your landscaping to enhance the shadows and blur the boundaries of the garden. 

If you go with a shrub that features brightly colored purple flowers, you can also use it as a centerpiece of your garden. Consider making it a focus by surrounding it with smaller, subtly-colored plants to make it truly stand out in a wonderful way.

What Are the Best Purple Flowers?

The Lilac is easily one of the most popular purple flowers, and for good reason. Lilacs come in 12 different varieties and are known for their distinctive pale purple color. Sometimes, their flowers may also be pink, magenta, or a richer shade of purple.

Another outstanding purple flower is the Amethyst Falls Wisteria Flower, also known as the American Wisteria. The large, fast-growing plant features dark-green leaves and big violet flowers. Because of their quick growth and dense foliage, purple wisteria is the perfect choice for a bank or slope cover. 


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