Fashion Azalea Shrub

Fashion Azalea Shrub

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Early Spring Bloomer Packs A Huge Color Punch

Azaleas are springtime favorites that are one of the first bushes to bloom in early spring. When planted in the right location and given the proper care, azaleas will be so thickly covered with blooms that the green foliage is barely visible. The Fashion Azalea shrub will look like a large mound of salmon-colored flowers when it’s in full bloom and is ideal

Azaleas bushes are the smaller members of the Rhododendron family but they put on just as big of a floral display as their larger cousins. Azalea 'Fashion' will provide three seasons of interest in your landscape.

Fashion Azalea Bloom Time

The Fashion azalea plant will be covered with salmon-colored blooms from early to mid-spring. The over-lapping flower petals are accented with small red dots in the centers. 

This Fashion Azalea Coral is deciduous and the new leaves will emerge in the spring in a lovely shade of copper that will change to dark green by summer. The long oval leaves cover the bush throughout the summer and put on a colorful fall foliage display before dropping after the first frost of fall.

Landscaping with Azaleas

Azaleas bushes are members of the Rhododendron family. The bushes grow smaller and more compact than Rhododendrons and are typically used as foundation plants in the landscape. Azaleas also make good hedges or border plants when planted in a row. They are ideal for use as a specimen plant or as the focal attraction in a spring flower garden.

Fashion azalea can be grown in a container on a semi-shady patio. Use a 3-5 gallon container to provide ample growing space for the roots and use a light-colored container to help prevent the soil from becoming too hot for the roots. Keep in mind that a container will limit growth and the bush will not grow as large as one planted in-ground. Be sure the container has plenty of drainage holes to prevent root rot caused by soggy soil.

Fashion Azalea Care

Fashion azalea is hardy in USDA growing zones 5-9. These are acid-loving bushes and will need to be planted in soil that is between 4.5-6 pH.

Mulch with pine needles to increase the acidity of the soil and to help keep the soil moist and cool.

Azaleas grow best in moist soil. Water frequently during times of drought. Mix plenty of organic material into the soil before planting so the excess water will drain through quickly while retaining moisture.

Plant the bush in partial shade. Fashion azalea makes an ideal under-story plant and will grow best in the dappled shade of taller shrubs and trees.

Fashion Azalea Size

The bush will reach a mature size of 4 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

Pruning is not necessary but can be done to keep the bush in the desired shape. Prune immediately after the bush has finished blooming. Fashion azalea sets buds for next year’s blooms after finishing its’ bloom cycle. If the bush is pruned any other time of year the buds will be cut off and will result in fewer blooms.

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Check out our Azalea Grow Guide for more information.

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Botanical Name
Rhododendron 'Fashion'

Partial Sun / Partial Shade

Flower Color

Foliage Color
Dark Green

Mature Width
3-5 ft

Mature Height
4-5 ft

Growing Zones5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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