Apache Blackberry Bush

Apache Blackberry Bush

  • Large & sweet blackberry fruit

  • Thornless and pain free

  • Self fertile

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Sweet Black Berries on Thorn Free Vines

Apache Blackberry plants are the perfect fruitful berry bush to add to your home garden!

Produced by the University of Arkansas with their thornless blackberry program, the Apache Blackberry Bush features large, plump black berries that ripen in the first year of planting. With extra sweet and flavorful mouthfeel, not only are they delicious to eat but they are ridiculously easy to pick off the erect thornless canes.

With light pink flowers produced in early spring, you can pick blackberries as soon as mid to late June. The erect canes will produce glossy black fruit on new growth every year with a high yield. Contrasting the blackberry fruit are green leaves that will stay on the plant all year long to produce an attractive specimen plant for your fruit tree or berry collection.

The high productive value, excellent flavor, and large fruit size make this berry bush a great contender for eating fresh off the bush, using in cobblers or desserts, or for canning into jellies or jams. There is a multitude of blackberry uses in the garden including having them in flower beds to show off the beautiful spring flowers, planting in containers for small spaces, or having them as stand alone plants.

Apache Blackberry Care

Grow this blackberry variety across the United States in USDA zones 5-9. The apache blackberry chill hour requirement is 400-500 hours. It loves the heat of the Southern states and is drought tolerant once established. Grow blackberry bushes in moist, well draining soil that is slightly acidic and rich in nutrients. You can amend your native soil with our Acidic Potting Soil to help lower the acidity of your soil pH if necessary.

Apache blackberry bushes are self fertile meaning no pollination partner needed to produce berries. The mature size can get up to 5-8 feet tall and 4-8 feet wide making it perfect for small spaces in the garden. You need full sun to grow blackberries to their prime and bear fruit.

You should perform Apache Blackberry pruning annually to get rid of last year's fruiting canes to make way for new growth the following spring. The best time to prune blackberry plants is right after the bush has finished fruiting for the season in late summer or early fall.

Once established, an Apache Blackberry trellis is not required to support the developing canes that produce fruit. Mulch the root zones at ground level with organic matter thoroughly to help retain moisture during the active growing seasons.

Shop our Apache Blackberry plants for sale for an easy to grow berry bush that any gardener can keep thriving and enjoy berries every year!

Our Apache Blackberry planting guide will help you choose where to plant your blackberries and how to grow them.

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Botanical Name
Rubus fruticosus 'Apache'

Full sun

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Height
4-8 ft

Mature Height
5-8 ft

Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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