Whitetail Soft Mast Tree Variety Pack

Whitetail Soft Mast Tree Variety Pack

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The Best Soft Mast Trees for Deer

Introducing our Whitetail Soft Mast Tree Variety Pack, expertly curated to attract and support a flourishing population of Whitetail Deer. This pack includes a diverse selection of trees specifically chosen for their soft mast fruit and their ability to provide nourishment and sustenance to deer throughout the summer and into early fall. The pack features (2) American Persimmons, (2) Yates Grafted Female Persimmons, (2) Belle Of Georgia Peaches, (2) MoonGlow Pears, and (2) Methly Plum trees.

These soft mast fruit trees are highly desirable to Whitetail Deer, as they serve as an important food source during critical times of the year. The American Persimmons in this variety pack produce sweet and delectable fruits that deer find irresistible, while the Yates Grafted Female trees offer a bountiful harvest of delicious fruits that can sustain a thriving deer population. The Belle Of GA Peach trees produce succulent fruits during the summer, enriching the palates of Whitetail Deer. The MoonGlow Pear trees provide nutritious fruits that are enjoyed by deer and other wildlife. Lastly, the Methly Plum trees offer an abundance of juicy plums that are packed with essential nutrients.

Growing these soft mast fruit trees is a rewarding experience, and they have specific requirements to ensure successful growth. It is recommended to plant them in well-drained soil with sufficient sunlight, providing adequate spacing for their mature size. Regular irrigation and mulching will help establish healthy root systems, and it's important to protect the trees from extreme weather conditions and pests.

The Whitetail Soft Mast Tree Variety Pack not only enhances the beauty of your landscape but also creates an inviting habitat for Whitetail Deer. Providing a consistent and nutritious food source throughout the seasons, these trees promote the growth and sustenance of deer populations while allowing you to witness the magnificent grace of these creatures in your own backyard.

Embark on a journey of conservation and appreciation for nature with our Whitetail Soft Mast Tree Variety Pack, and create an oasis that nurtures and attracts Whitetail Deer into your outdoor space.

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Full Sun

Foliage Color

Mature Width
10-25 ft

Mature Height
15-50 ft

Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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