Blue Princess Holly Shrub

Blue Princess Holly Shrub

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An Evergreen Hedge Your Birds Will Love

Blue-green foliage, white spring flowers, and bright red berries in fall that persist through the winter are all reasons to add a few ‘Blue Princess’ holly shrubs to your yard. 

Ilex x meserveae ‘Blue Princess’ is a female hybrid developed to be more cold-hardy than other hollies.  

Holly 'Blue Princess' make excellent privacy screens and hedges. When kept trimmed, their size and dense nature make a beautiful but effective live fence. Holding on to its classic dark green and glossy leaves all year round, ‘Blue Princess’ hollies makes a property-enhancing border or a classic backdrop to perennial beds and gardens. 

Evergreen shrubs are an easy and natural way to gain a visual screen in places where you don’t want a human-made fence. Ilex holly ‘Blue Princess’ fills that need and also makes an effective windbreak. 

Holly ‘Blue Princess’ shrub is an excellent choice to bring wildlife to your yard. Small white flowers in the spring become the classic red holly berries in the fall. Birds love these shrubs for their berries and for shelter and perching. 

Tip: Plant one male hybrid holly for every 4-5 female hybrid hollies to ensure the best berry crop.

Plant a few ‘Blue Princess’ hollies and dress up your property. Your songbirds will love them.

‘Blue Princess’ Holly Care Information

‘Blue Princess’ hollies can be grown in USDA zones 5-8. They are moderately cold-hardy but need protection from cold, drying winter winds at the northern edge of their range.

‘Blue Princess’ is happy with full to partial sun. It will benefit from a bit of afternoon shade if you are at the southern end of its range. 

‘Blue Princess’ holly is tolerant of most soils but will do best on moist, fertile, well-drained sites. No pH adjustments should be needed unless your soils are highly acidic or alkaline.

Mulch under your new ‘Blue Princess’ holly to control weeds, grasses, and even-out soil moisture levels. Reapply mulch yearly or as necessary.

Blue Princess Holly Height And Width

This hybrid holly can reach an impressive 10’ tall and 8’ wide at maturity. ‘Blue Princess’ holly can be planted closer together for a quick, dense privacy screen or windbreak. Regular pruning will make a shorter, more uniform hedge. If left unpruned and wild, the ‘Blue Princess’ holly can sometimes reach heights of 15 feet. It is also common to see this planted as a Blue Princess Holly Tree.

Blue Princess Holly Growth Rate

A moderately fast grower, ‘Blue Princess’ hollies can add 1-2 feet per year. Plant them in a line spaced closely together if you want a thick, shearable hedge or holly fence. 

We recommend spacing the Ilex Blue Princess 4-6 feet apart to create a holly hedge look. 

Blue Princess Holly Pruning Needs

Princess Blue Holly only needs pruning for shaping and removing injured or dead stems. Of course, you may want to trim off a few branches to use as winter decorations. 

Remember that this holly blooms on ‘old wood,’ meaning that if you trim off too many branches in the fall, you will get fewer berries the following year.

‘Blue Princess’ can be sheared to make a formal hedge and will fill in nicely. If left wild, it will become pyramidal and have a somewhat more open form.

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Botanical Name
Ilex x meserveae ‘Blue Princess’

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Flower Color

Foliage Color

Mature Width
5-8 ft

Mature Height
10-15 ft

Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8

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