Cinnamon Girl Distylium Plant

Cinnamon Girl Distylium Plant

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Evergreen Shrub With Winter Blooms

Originating from China and a member of the witch hazel family, Cinnamon Girl® Distylium plant is a hardy, low-growing, evergreen shrub ideal for southern climates. It resists pests and stands strong where other shrubs fail to thrive. 

The Distylium Cinnamon Girl plant is a low-maintenance woody shrub known for its no-nonsense reliability. This shrub is relatively new on the market and was uniquely designed to withstand hot and humid climates. 

New growth on Cinnamon Girl® Distylium starts out with an attractive purplish plum color and its foliage slowly changes to exhibit a blue-green color when mature. 

Cinnamon Girl® Distylium blooms have small red flowers that appear in late winter to early spring. These darling maroonish flowers remind us that spring is just around the corner as they are often the first pop of color we see before other plants wake up from their winter slumber. These delicate flowers bloom from January through March. 

How to Use Distylium in the Landscape

Use it as a continuous low hedge, standalone shrub, or in container gardening. It works well as a soil stabilizer and can be used for erosion control on sloped lots. Cinnamon Girl® Distylium is an excellent stabilizing plant and can be used for foundation planting also. 

Cinnamon Girl Distylium Care Information

Cinnamon Girl® Distylium is resistant to pests and disease. It also resists deer and rabbits. 

Cinnamon Girl® Distylium grows best in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 9. It is considered to be evergreen within these zones and is especially agreeable to the southern regions. As such, it is a good alternative to boxwoods, hollies, junipers, and other evergreens. 

This distylium is drought and heat tolerant. It also tolerates southern humidity well. Additionally, Cinnamon Girl® Distylium is also one of the most cold-hardy distyliums available. 

In northern climates, below zone 7, Cinnamon Girl® Distylium is not adapted to winter living. Therefore, it is advisable for those in northerly climates to house this shrub in a large pot so that it can be bought inside to overwinter. 

Cinnamon Girl® Distylium enjoys full morning sun with afternoon shade or all-day dappled sunlight. Longer exposure to sunlight encourages a denser growth pattern. To encourage a looser growth habit, establish in a shadier location. 

Once established, this plant should need little watering. 

Cinnamon Girl® Distylium prefers well-draining loamy soil. However, it can handle poor variable soil that is either moist or dry.   

Cinnamon Girl Distylium Size

Cinnamon Girl® Distylium grows quickly. Mature plants reach 2 to 3 feet tall, and 3 to 4 feet wide, with a rounded spread. Space 3 to 4 feet apart for mass planting and a continuous hedge. Alternatively, place 6 feet apart if separation between plants is desired.

Cinnamon Girl® Distylium can be shaped and trimmed to your desired form. Yet, it requires little maintenance or pruning overall. To encourage denser growth, light pruning can be performed in June. 

Distylium Companion Plants

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Consider Adding Cinnamon Girl to Your Garden!

This low-growing, dense shrub is ideal for southern regions known for its heat and humidity. If you are needing a reliable, attractive, low-maintenance shrub then Cinnamon Girl® Distylium is the plant for you. Order yours today!

Happy planting!

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Botanical Name
Distylium hybrid 'Cinnamon Girl'

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Width
3-4 ft

Mature Height
2-3 ft

Growing Zones 7, 8, 9

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