Lemon Lime Nandina Shrub

Lemon Lime Nandina Shrub

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Lemon Lime Nandina Will Pop with Its Bright Green Foliage

Lemon Lime Nandina shrubs (nandina domestica) are also called heavenly bamboo. It’s a gorgeous, eye-catching plant that will be the star of your flower beds if you add it with your other plants. The new growth is a bright lime green that fades to a medium-dark green, allowing the plant to complement itself as it grows. 

The foliage is evergreen when grown in the proper climate, making it the perfect plant to use in your yard if you want to enjoy some color all year long. Although the plant doesn’t bloom often, it may develop white flowers in late spring or early summer, followed by small berries.

Lemon Lime Nandina in the Landscape

Nandina 'Lemon Lime' is a prolific grower when it’s happy with its conditions. It's best planted in garden beds or shrub borders where it can be contained. You can also grow it in a container if you don’t want it to spread. The dual shades of green will make any patio look gorgeous and inviting, especially if you find a container that complements the plant. 

Lemon Lime Nandina Care

It grows well in hardiness zones 8-10. You may be able to grow it as an annual in zones below 8, but it won’t be a reliable evergreen since the plant will drop leaves if temperatures drop below 10°F. You can bring the plant indoors during the winter or cover it outdoors to help it survive until spring.

Nandina is happiest when it receives full sun or partial shade. It can tolerate heavy shade, but the foliage may become leggy, and the colors may not be as vibrant. Afternoon shade can help prevent leaves from burning in the hottest months of the year.

Newly transplanted Nandina will need consistently moist soil for about one year or until it’s established. Once the plant is established, you can water it less frequently, and it will be drought tolerant. 

The plant will look its best when the soil is consistently moist but be careful not to overwater it since it doesn’t like wet soil or standing water. 

Lemon Lime Nandina dwarf thrives in humus soil that is consistently moist and rich in nutrients. You can fertilize the plants or add compost if your soil doesn’t have enough nutrients. Be sure that the soil is well-draining so water won’t form puddles. 

Lemon Lime Nandina Size

Lemon Nandina is a compact plant that usually won’t reach more than 4 feet tall or wide. We recommend spacing this plant at least 2-3 feet apart.

Since Nandina is compact, pruning won’t be necessary unless you want it to keep a specific shape. Since the plant can grow rapidly when happy, you may want to remove excess growth if it starts to take over parts of your flower beds. You may also want to deadhead flowers if you don’t want seeds to spread. 

Pruning isn’t necessary for the plant to be happy and healthy, so you only have to prune it if you want to.

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Botanical Name
Nandina domestica 'Lemon Lime'

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Flower Color

Foliage Color
Lemon Lime

Mature Width
2-3 ft

Mature Height
3-4 ft

Growing Zones 8, 9, 10

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