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Shrubs and hedges are essential in many landscapes and settings to improve them in different ways. Planting shrubs and bushes can help create a border, offer privacy, and most have evergreen leaves that provide year-round interest. There are thousands of options when choosing new shrubs so it is important to do your research.

Our selection of hedges and shrubs is sure to bring texture, color, a variety of shapes, and uniqueness to wherever you are planting them! Be sure to check your USDA plant hardiness zone before making that big decision.

Azalea plants are beautiful flowering shrubs found in many southern states. It is well known for its continuous bloom periods throughout the early spring and early summer. Our azaleas for sale are of the highest quality and we offer several different sizes for your planting needs. The Azalea Grow Guide will provide more on how to plant azaleas.

Looking for an evergreen that is low maintenance and easy to care for? Boxwood hedges are a great choice as a border plant, foundation planting, or as an ornamental specimen plant. They can be container grown as well. Boxwood Grow Guide

Gardenia plants are wonderful small shrubs if you are looking to entice visitors with a perfumey smell. Gardenia shrubs flower in the spring and summer over continuous months as long as they are cared for. Gardenias prefer acidic soil that is well draining. They are perfect for a partially shaded spot in your garden. Deadheading gardenias are essential to continue the bloom cycle. Pruning spent flowers will encourage more blooms. Check out the Gardenia Grow Guide for more information on choosing and planting gardenia shrubs.

Buying hydrangeas online has never been easier! These hardy shrubs feature large, cone shaped flowers and bright green leaves in a bush like form. Hydrangeas offer a pop of color and are perfect for the shade. They are deciduous and can be grown in a variety of places and settings. Hydrangea Grow Guide

Some things to consider before you purchase your new shrub or hedge. Your planting site is the most essential factor. Is it full sun or partial shade? What are the soil conditions? How much space do you have for new plants? What is the mature height and width of these plants and will they fit? Do you want flowers?

There are many factors to take into consideration when landscaping around your home and garden. Checking out our Grow Guides page will help you determine which shrubs will perform best for your needs.

Shop our selection of hedges and shrubs for sale online.

Shrub Care

What are Shrubs?

Shrubs are woody plants that are smaller than trees and have multiple main stems.

How to Plant Shrubs

To plant a shrub you will first need to make sure you choose a planting site that has proper lighting and water for the type of plant you choose. Next, dig a hole that is two times the size of the root ball, add fresh nutrient soil at the bottom of the hole. Place your shrub in the hole, making sure it’s level with the ground. Lastly, backfill the hole with soil and care for your plant as needed. 

When is the Best Time to Plant Shrubs

The best time to plant shrubs is in Spring and Fall. These seasons bring the best weather and soil conditions for planting and will reduce transplant shock.

Can Shrubs Be Planted in Winter

Shrubs should not be planted in winter. During this time the ground is cold and it will be hard for the plant to establish properly. 

How to Prune Shrubs

When trimming shrubs you will want to start by pruning off any dead, broken, or diseased branches. Once this is done the rest is just trimming the shrub to your preferred shape and size. 

When to Prune Shrubs

The best times to prune shrubs are in late winter to early spring right before the growing season. Most people also ask can you prune shrubs in the fall and the answer is yes you can, but we would recommend light pruning and then heavily prune in late winter to early spring. 

When to Fertilize Perennials and Shrubs

The best time to fertilize shrubs is in early spring to give them the boost they need for the growing season. When choosing a tree and shrub fertilizer it is best to pick an all-purpose slow release fertilizer that can be sprinkled at the base of the plant and last for up to a year. 

Are Shrubs Annuals or Perennials

Shrubs are known as woody plants, but since they grow year after year can be categorized as perennials. There are several types of shrubs you can grow as annuals and we do commonly have gardeners grow warm climate shrubs in colder climates as annuals. It's all about what you want in your garden!

What Shrubs Grow Well in Wet Soil

Shrubs that can grow well in wet soil include; liriope and daylilies. Both of these small shrubs are great if you’re wanting to plant in an area that receives more than normal amounts of water. 

Landscape Shrub Ideas

With so many types of shrubs to choose from it can be hard to narrow down, so we've categorized a list of shrub ideas based on your needs. If you’re looking for small shrubs for your landscape we recommend the following: liriope, hosta, and daylilies. In need of evergreen shrubs for your landscape: boxwoods, viburnum, and holly.

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