Red Hibiscus Bush

Red Hibiscus Bush

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Reblooming Hibiscus Flowers & Bright Red Color in the Garden

The Red Hibiscus Bush brings a feel of the tropics and is a showstopper in the landscape!

The tropical Hibiscus plant features bright red hibiscus flowers that will open up throughout the early spring and summer months. The red flower buds are large and up to 2-4 inches in diameter. The bright flower color will attract pollinators like bees and butterflies into your landscape. Hibiscus flowers are beautiful but only last a day or two. Deadheading spent flower blossoms will encourage new plant growth.

Contrasting the red colorful flowers is dark green leaves that are glossy and oval shaped. Being an evergreen plant, the hibiscus red bush will go into dormancy throughout fall and winter and not show any active growth. The leaves will drop and the tropical plant will appear dead. Not to worry! As soon as temperatures increase, the leaves will flush out and the hibiscus blooms won’t be far behind.

Plant this Red Hibiscus plant somewhere it can be seen and enjoyed. Throw it in a garden bed with other flowering shrubs, have it planted as a shrub hedge, or keep it in planters for small garden spaces or patio accent plants. The eye catching red blooms will turn heads of neighbors as they put on a literal show!


Wondering how to take care of hibiscus? Growing hibiscus is not hard! Plant your hibiscus in full sun with at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Partial sun exposure will stunt flower production. Choose a well draining soil or potting mix that is slightly acidic and rich in nutrients. It takes a lot of nutrients to keep the hibiscus rosa Sinensis blooming so apply a slow release fertilizer per the instructions on the label as frequently as needed. Only fertilize hibiscus during the active growing seasons of spring and summer.

Grow this red hardy hibiscus across the United States in USDA growing zones 9-11 all year long. In colder climates, keep your tropical hibiscus bush in a container and move indoors to a bright sunny window when temperatures drop for winter. Read more about potted Hibiscus Care in Winter.

The hibiscus bush size is up to 4-5 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide at maturity. This hibiscus variety is fast growing. Water the flowering plant well the first year of planting to establish a strong root system and continuously throughout the growing seasons to encourage reblooms. A thick 2 inch layer of mulch or organic matter applied around the root zone will help to retain moisture. Do not let the roots dry out.

How To Prune a Hibiscus Bush

Perennial Hibiscus bush pruning is not required but should take place annually to shape the shrub to whatever desired size and shape you are going for. Get rid of any dead branches or crossed branches to encourage new growth. Be sure to sterilize your pruning shears with rubbing alcohol.

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For the tree version of this shrub see the Braided Red Hibiscus Tree.

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Botanical Name
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Mature Width
4-5 ft

Mature Height
4-5 ft

Growing Zones 9, 10, 11, All Zones

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