Horticultural Charcoal

Horticultural Charcoal

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If you are looking for where to buy horticultural charcoal look no further!

We bring you 24 oz of small to medium sized Horticultural Charcoal pieces specially mixed by Perfect Plants!

  • Plant Charcoal – Naturally detoxifies, cleanses, and absorbs excess water from its porous pieces. Acts as a filter and also retains moisture while removing excess moisture for your plants.
  • Great for terrariums, gardens outdoors, and as a soil conditioner. Sweetens the soil by absorbing nutrients for plant roots and improving air circulation.
  • Improves drainage and absorbs harmful impurities and odor causing substances.


Use a thin layer of charcoal in plant terrariums, reptile cages, pots without drainage holes, and outdoor potted plants. Add to any garden soil mix, potting soils, or organic matter to improve aeration, moisture, and drainage. Even great to add part charcoal to your own orchid mix or you can buy our pre-made Orchid Potting Soil.

We are not a manufacturing charcoal nursery but we do distribute high quality hardwood charcoal and other garden supplies for outdoor and indoor plant use. This is not activated charcoal for plants but it is a soil amendment.

A great addition to any potting mix and it’s easy to clean!

**Keep out of reach for infants and toddlers

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