Coppertone Distylium Plant

Coppertone Distylium Plant

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The Coppertone Distylium Offers a Subtle Rainbow of Colors For Your Garden

The Coppertone Distylium plant is an evergreen shrub that will stay beautiful year-round in warm climates.

Distyllium Coppertone is an elegant plant with red, green, and blue tones. The foliage will look bluer during the peak of its growing season. The color variation is subtle rather than striking so that it won’t draw attention away from your other plants.

It will grow small red flowers in the winter, providing more interest for your garden when most plants lose their vibrance. The Coppertone Distylium flowers will also invite pollinators to your garden when most other plants are dormant and is an excellent nectar source.

They are also known for being resistant to deer munching on them.

This shrub can be grown on its own in your garden or in a container since it stays relatively compact. Because of its subtle hues, it makes a great accent plant to fill in the gaps in your garden since it doesn’t demand attention. You can grow multiple of them to form a Coppertone Distylium hedge or plant them around your home’s foundation.

Coppertone Distylium can easily be shaped, so they’re perfect to use if you want rectangular hedges or if you want to shape them into perfect spheres or other shapes. It’s easy to make this subtle plant a focal point.

Coppertone Distylium Care

The Coppertone Distylium is ideal for growing in hardiness zones 7-10. It loves warm weather, can tolerate extreme heat and some drought, and loves full sun exposure. This shrub won’t do well in colder zones and will need to be brought inside so it won’t be exposed to cool temperatures. Once the plant is established, it’s low maintenance and easy to care for.

The Coppertone Distylium requires full sun, which is at least six hours of direct light. Growth will look leggy and bare if kept in the shade, so provide this shrub with as much sunlight as possible.

Distylium is drought-tolerant once established, but it should have consistently moist soil while it’s young and newly transplanted to establish a healthy root system. 

Coppertone evergreen Distylium is an excellent choice for any garden because it doesn’t need a particular type of soil and can adapt to most soil types. As long as the soil is well-draining and doesn’t allow puddles to form or stay soggy, the Distylium should be happy in it.

Coppertone Distylium Size

The shrub will grow 3-4 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide. You can prune it as you’d like to give it distinct shapes. It has a somewhat rounded growth habit that may look uneven if you allow it to grow freely. If you want a uniform look, you’ll need to keep it pruned.

You don’t have to prune Distylium if you don’t want to, but this plant prunes well, and you can create appealing geometric or unusual shapes if you’re feeling artistic! 

You can prune the shrub in late winter after the winter flowers have finished flowering. The plant only blooms in winter, so you won’t hurt anything if you wait until early spring. Prune back as much as you’d like to achieve the shape you want. Remember that Distylium is a slow grower and may take some time to fill out the areas you pruned.

If you don’t want to commit to keeping the entire shrub shaped, you can always remove the occasional unruly branch as needed.

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Botanical Name
First Editions® Coppertone™ Distylium

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color
Green, Red, Blue

Flower Color

Mature Width
4-5 ft

Mature Height
3-4 ft

Growing Zones 7, 8, 9, 10

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