May Night Salvia

May Night Salvia

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Fragrant Purple Blooms Attract All the Pollinators!

May Night Salvia is a compact shrub that offers vibrant bluish-purple blooms which attract butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other beneficial pollinators. Also known as ‘may night sage,’ ‘woodland sage,’ or ‘meadow sage,’ this perennial plant makes a lovely addition to any garden. Its flowering stems can be used for flower arrangements and decorating.    

This densely growing shrub brings a pop of color to garden beds, and walkways, and can even be used as a low hedge. It also does well in a container garden. May Night Salvia in pots can be added to exterior doorways and patios for an elegant look.  

The leaves of Blue Salvia May Night have a soft texture with a gray-green color. Its lance-shaped leaves are aromatic and can give off a noticeable fragrance, especially when handled. 

May Night Blue Salvia has small indigo flowers that grow on long spears or spikes that shoot up above its compact foliage. Its fragrant flower heads start blooming at the end of May, hence its name. Flowers will rebloom again if the old ones are deadheaded and extra watering is provided. 

New young growth can be eaten in salads and added to various dishes as seasoning. Dried leaves can be used for potpourri. *We only recommend this for plants organically grown and not sprayed with any harmful chemicals.

May Night Salvia Care

Salvia nemorosa May Night, as it is botanically named, is easy to grow, disease resistant, low maintenance, and it is beneficial to native wildlife. The fragrant aroma of May night salvia repels deer and rabbits, keeping them at bay and out of your garden. Whitefly and scale insects sometimes attack salvias. An easy organic remedy is to simply spray the plants with neem oil. 

It is cold-hardy and does well in zones 4 through 8. This herbaceous perennial is also a fast-growing plant within the mint family. In regions where winters are mild, May night salvia tends to be evergreen. 

May night salvia needs full sunlight, preferably in a south-facing area. In fact, it thrives in sweltering heat and bright sunny areas. It can also grow anywhere in the United States, even in areas above 7,000 feet. 

Once established, May night salvia is drought tolerant and needs little water. For younger plants, water regularly. 

It tolerates poor or dense clay soil but prefers acidic soil. Plant it in an area that drains well. May night needs little to no fertilizer. If you decide to fertilize, you can use flower and rose food. 

Salvia May Night Height

May night salvia grows 15 to 18 inches tall and about 18 to 24 inches wide. An additional 6 to 8 inches are gained when flowers are in bloom.

How to Prune Salvia May Night

Cut back old spent flower stems to the ground to encourage new flower production throughout the summer. Stem cuttings can be used for plant propagation. Place cuttings in water or moist soil to encourage new growth. Once roots have emerged, the new plants can be placed in pots or planted directly into the ground. 

Companion Planting

May night salvia grows well with echinacea, roses, lavender, peony, lamb’s ear, and artemisia. 

Brighten Your Summer!

No matter where you live, chances are that May night salvia will thrive in your area. Enjoy its vibrant colored flowers and fragrant leaves all summer long. 

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Botanical Name
Salvia sylvestris ‘May Night’

Full Sun

Flower Color
Light purple

Foliage Color

Mature Width
1-2 ft

Mature Height
1-1.5 ft

Growing Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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