Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree

Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree

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Native Ornamental With Gorgeous Spring Flowers

The Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree is one of the most bizarre trees you’ll see in your lifetime!

Out of all the Weeping Redbud tree varieties, the Ruby Falls Eastern Redbud puts out the most gorgeous weeping branches filled with purple heart-shaped leaves. The purple foliage will change shades of crimson and eventually a green color through late summer and golden yellow in fall. It's the perfect fall color tree! Before the purple leaves flush out for spring, dainty hot pink flowers will bloom and signal the start of the growing season.

Being a deciduous tree, the weeping dwarf redbud tree’s leaves will drop to the ground over winter to leave bare cascading branches that sweep the floor in a unique weeping habit. The show doesn’t stop here! The mottled and twisted bark is eye-catching as it contrasts the dark red seed pods through winter.

Plant the Ruby Falls Cercis Canadensis Redbud Tree in the landscape where the beautiful foliage and clusters of flowers can be enjoyed. It looks perfect planted in flower beds as single specimen trees, near other flowering trees, or in groups of 2-3 to show off the mesmerizing redbud flowers during early spring. The sweet pea-shaped flowers will invite pollinators like bees and butterflies into your garden.


Grow this unusual ornamental tree across the United States in USDA grow zones 5-9. The purple leaf weeping redbud prefers well-draining soil that is slightly acidic. It is not picky though and will tolerate other soil types. As long as the soil is not kept completely moist and allowed to dry out in between waterings, the weeping tree will do well. Ruby Falls redbud trees do not like wet feet as this can cause root rot in small gardens.

Flowering redbud trees will perform best in a planting spot with full sun but partial shade is tolerated. Flower production may be limited with the more shade it has but part shade is recommended for warmer climates.

How to Plant a Weeping Redbud Tree That You Bought Online

Water your tree well as soon as it arrives. Dig a hole at least twice as large as the root ball. Place the root ball into the hole and backfill it with soil. You can use native soil or amend the planting hole with our Acidic Potting Soil for good measure. Press firmly to compact the soil and release any air bubbles that may remain. Water the tree thoroughly at planting and for the first year to establish a strong root system. After they become established, they are drought tolerant. A thick 2-inch layer of mulch or organic matter will help to retain moisture.

Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Size

The Dwarf Weeping Redbud Tree stays small and only grows up to 6-8 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide at maturity. It is perfect for small spaces in your garden due to the dwarf size. Ruby Falls Redbud’s growth rate is medium – up to 1-2 feet per year.

How Do You Prune a Weeping Redbud Tree

Pruning Ruby Falls Redbud is not essential to keep the small tree healthy. But it is recommended to keep it at the desired shape & size you prefer. The bright red stems will cascade over the ground and should be trimmed annually to keep an attractive look. Trimming the redbud branches will also help to increase flower production during spring. Prune back any dead branches or ones that cross to help the redbud grow.

Ruby Falls Redbud Companion Plants

This weeping redbud tree looks perfect near almost any other tree or shrub. Some great companion plants for planting nearby are daylilies, gardenias, or hydrangeas. Choose plants that will complement the variety of colors you’ll see throughout the year.

Ruby Falls Redbud Problems

Ruby Falls Redbud is rarely bothered by pests and diseases. Some problems growers may encounter with their redbud trees are leaf spot, mildew, or blight – but it is rare! Deer can sometimes become enticed to chew on the tasty leaves so be sure to add protection if they are common in your area.

Shop the Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud for sale for an easy to grow and fast-growing tree with glossy heart shaped leaves and lavender red flowers

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Botanical Name
Cercis canadensis

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Flower Color

Foliage Color

Mature Width
5-6 ft

Mature Height
6-8 ft

Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Gary SVG verified by SHOP

Not sure the tree is going to make it

United States United States

Great job!

Great job! The first tree arrived damaged. They were quick to not only replace the tree but sent me a larger one at no additional cost.


Perfect Plants Nursery

Wow, so sorry to hear about the damage, but glad to hear our team swooped in and saved the day. Hope you and your Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree Variant: 1 Gallon are doing well.

Melinda T.
United States United States

Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree A Winner

The tree arrived healthy and seems to be doing well since planting s an understory to an old oak.

Perfect Plants Nursery Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree Review

Perfect Plants Nursery

Thank you Melinda for your kind words and your Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree order. Glad you're happy with everything. See you around.

United States United States

Beautiful Tree

The tree I ordered came quickly and well packaged. The tree itself is bigger than I thought it would be. It is doing very well.


Perfect Plants Nursery

We appreciate your kind words and feedback. Glad everything went well with your Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree order. All the best.

United States United States

Ruby falls Weeping red bud tree

Cant say I’m happy at this time, since the first shipment had the wrong tree (forest pansy), second one has branches not yet weeping, so I have to wait. But staff are very accommodating.


Perfect Plants Nursery

Hi there, Thank you for your awesome support of our family-owned business, we really appreciate customers like you that take a bit of time from their day to leave us a great and honest review. We hope you love your new plant and that it thrives for years to come. Best, Shirley

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