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All flowers have something to say and the rose bush is the most popular way to convey certain emotions. Floriography is the language of flowers and each color of rose has something unique to say to the recipient. The meaning and symbolism of each color rose bloom differs too.

Landscaping with roses is a great way to express yourself without ever saying a word. Neighbors and passers-by can admire the beauty of the roses in your landscape and get a glimpse into the personality of the family living inside the home.

Learning the meaning of different colored roses will also make a good conversation starter when you have guests coming to your home. You will want to plant and grow plenty of roses in your landscape so you will have enough blooms to cut and share with guests.

What Do White Roses Mean?

The White rose meaning is innocence and purity, it’s one of the reasons they are a popular wedding flower. Unopened white rose buds symbolize the innocence of girlhood. Fully opened white rose blooms symbolize silence, secrecy, and reverence. Check out the White Drift Rose for the most popular white rose variety.

Landscaping with White Roses

Landscaping with white garden roses can create a backdrop that will make all other floral colors brighter when planted in front of white rose bushes.

A mass planting of just white rose bushes will also make a unique and bold landscape statement.

Pair with other colorful roses like Pink Roses or Red Roses to grow a splash of color in your garden beds.

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