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40 products

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Attracting wildlife is a pastime for many gardeners and growers! It is rewarding and exciting to see animals like deer, squirrels, native birds, butterflies, bees, and other small mammals like chipmunks or rabbits come into your yard.

Landscaping for wildlife with native plants is easy with Perfect Plant's wide selection of flowering shrubs like butterfly bushes, or plants that produce berries like hollies. Choose varieties that will produce fruit throughout all seasons of the year. This is especially important during late fall and winter when food sources are scarce. 

Whether you are trying to grow plants that animals can build their homes or nest sites in or plants that will produce food for them to eat through flowers or berries, planting shrubs for wildlife is always a good idea! Choose larger, woodier shrubs or trees to help wildlife create nest sites and provide cover and protection from the elements.

Encouraging native animals to create homes can help restore habitats and can improve the aesthetic appearance of your landscape at the same time. 

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If you are looking for trees for wildlife, we encourage you to check out our varieties of persimmons, apples, crabapples, and other fruits! Animals like deer love to munch on the fruits of these trees' labor and they will flock to your yard!

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