Drift Roses

If you are wondering where to buy drift rose bushes... look no further!

Drift groundcover roses are an excellent choice for flower lovers, landscapers, and gardeners all around. Their low spreading habit will be sure to cover the garden ground in no time! These rose plants can grow up to 2-3 feet tall and wide.

As roses are not always the easiest to grow, Drift® Roses make it easy as once they are established they are pest and disease resistant, low maintenance, and drought tolerant.

The plants bloom continuously from spring until fall. Deadheading spent flower blossoms will encourage more bloom periods.

Check out the Rose Grow Guide for more information on growing and our How to Plant a Rose Bush blog for info planting rose bushes!

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Drift Groundcover Roses Care

Drift Roses Color

We offer the highest quality rose plants in several different colors. Give your garden a burst of colorful flowers in shades of red, pink white, yellow, and more.

Drift Rose Care

Drift Roses are easy to care for plants. They are disease free and pest free plants. When caring for these plants make sure to have full sun, well-draining soil, and water when the soil is dry. 

How to Grow Drift Roses

Drift® Roses prefer full sun and well draining soil. They are not picky about soil type but the addition of organic materials like mulch and fertilizing annually will help them grow. If you plant your new rose shrub in an area with poor soil conditions, it is recommended to use our Rose Soil Mix to amend the soil.

Growing Drift Roses in Containers

Drift roses are the perfect container plant. Only reaching heights of 1-2ft and widths of 2-3ft, their small size makes them great container plants. When choosing a container for your rose you will want to get one that's 2 times or bigger than the pot it’s in and make sure it has proper drainage holes. Next, get a well-draining soil and plant as normal. Since your plant is in a container you will want to be aware of how often you water. Only water your plant when the soil is dry to the touch. 

How to Prune Drift Roses

When pruning drift roses it’s all about watching how your plant is blooming. When you notice the blooms dying off you will want to get a sharp, clean pair of scissors and cut off any spent flowers and cut back the stems only leaving two-thirds of it. This will help keep your bush healthy and happy by promoting new growth and new blooms. 

When to Cut Back Drift Roses

The best time to prune Drift Roses is when the first major set of blooms has died. You will want to deadhead all the spent blooms and then prune back the stems, only leaving about two-thirds of the stem. 

Are Drift Roses Perennials?

Drift roses are perennials which means you can enjoy their blooms year after year.

Drift Rose Companion Plants

Many plants can be paired with drift roses whether it’s evergreen shrubs (boxwoods), flowering shrubs (loropetalum), or ornamental grasses (muhly grass). 

Drift Roses in Landscape

These roses stay low to the ground so they are perfect in garden beds, bordered near other shrubs, or even in containers. Drift® Rose plants will add a pop of color in your landscape. The hard part is deciding which color to choose!