Best Small Trees

Looking for small trees for your landscape? Small trees can add distinct beauty and accepts for a stunning, well-designed yard. They also come with the bonus of less maintenance without compromising any beauty. Here are some of our favorite small trees to consider planting in your yard. (If you’re looking specifically for the best trees for front yards, check out this article we wrote!)

Crape Myrtle:

Natchez Crape Myrtle tree in action
Crape Myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica), often referred to as the “lilacs of the South”, are among the favorites of the South due to their showy flowers, colorful autumn foliage, and, in many cases, their attractive bark. Let us not forget the other wonderful features they possess, such as being tolerant to drought, fast growing and deer not usually being interested in them. Crape myrtles can be used as a large deciduous hedge or screen, if planted together, or as a distinctive focal point framing a gate warmly welcoming visitors.

While some crape myrtles grow upward of 30’, others like the Black Diamond® varieties, only grow up to 10-12’. We offer the following Crape Myrtle small trees: Black Diamond® Shell Pink™ Crape Myrtle, the Black Diamond® Best Red™ Crape Myrtle, and the Black Diamond® Pure White™ Crape Myrtle.
Big beautiful blooms for months on end with the Black Diamond Shell Pink Crape Myrtle tree

Never grown a Crape Myrtle? We’ve got an entire Crape Myrtle Grow Guide that can help you.

Flowering Dogwood:

Pink and white make the perfect combo
These elegant small trees help greet the spring thanks to their show of beautiful flowers. Low-maintenance choices, dogwoods look lovely as a specimen or small grouping on residential property around homes, near patios, or in lawns, and is also a nice choice in woodland gardens. We offer both pink and white dogwoods. Here’s a little bit about each:,

Pink Dogwood Tree:

Delicate pink flowers offer enchanting vibes for your landscape
This spectacular pink dogwood is truly a small tree for any and all seasons with its ravishing pink spring blossoms, lush green summertime leaves that turn red in the autumn and gray stems with brilliant red fruit in the winter. The Pink Dogwood features beautiful, biscuit-shaped pink flowers and elegant low-branches. Its glossy, red berries are attractive to birds. In winter, the dogwood’s gray stems and checkered bark contrast nicely with snow. It usually grows 15’-30’.

White Dogwood Tree:

We love the look of the White Dogwood trees!
This small tree is one of the most beautiful of the native American flowering trees on the market. The dogwood flowers are tiny, yellowish green and insignificant, button-like clusters. Each flower cluster is has four showy, white, petal-like leaves which open flat, giving the appearance of a single, four-petaled, white flower. The reddish-brown wood is extremely hard, perfect to make handles for tools. It usually grows 15’-30’.

Hydrangea Tree

Limelight Hydrangea Tree

Adds a perfect, elegant touch to your yard with it’s huge white blooms!If you really want to add an ‘awe’ factor to your landscape, the Limelight Hydrangea tree is exactly what you need! This Hydrangea in tree form raises its enormous, beautiful white flowers to eye level, making it impossible to miss. The flowers begin a soft lime green, fading into a graceful white in the summer time with hints of pink in fall. This small tree features deep, rich green foliage all season long with pointy leaves. This deciduous dwarf tree has a course texture allowing it to stand apart from other shrubs in your landscape. The Limelight will reach around 10 feet in maturity with a 5 foot spread.

What are you favorite small trees? Let us know if there are any we should add to the list!