The Japanese Magnolia

The Japanese magnolia, also known as Mulan magnolia, Purple magnolia, Red magnolia, Lily magnolia, Tulip magnolia, Jane magnolia and Woody-orchid, is among one of the first beautiful blooms to greet us once spring sets in—and in Florida, the spring season is already making itself known with the warmer temperatures and the greenery that has begun popping up here and there.

The Japanese magnolia cultivar is a bloom cherished by gardeners thanks to its early-season flowering and maximum 13 feet height. Its impressive large, aromatic, purple and pink goblet-shaped flowers (that can also bloom in white, yellow and purple) begin to blossom before the actual tree starts to leaf out, making it a sight to see even before the full plant has bloomed.

Japanese magnolias are fairly easy to plant and maintain and thrive in fertile, well-drained soil and positioned in full sun to partial shade exposure. This cultivar requires very little maintenance and pruning and generally pest free so long as you can keep the squirrels from gnawing on the blooming flower buds.

This bloom does best in hardiness zones 4-9 and should be watered regularly while in growing season to ensure the soil remains moist.

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