’Tis the Season! Blueberry Picking Season that is.

It’s blueberry season, and there isn’t much that can beat fresh, juicy blueberries on a hot summer day. Why not skip the trip to the grocery store and plant some in your very own garden or backyard? These plants offer both delicious fruit and a year-round aesthetic presence to your landscape. And guess what? Blueberry plants are super low maintenance and require only a few simple steps to get them started.

1. Blueberry plants thrive best when planted in the milder seasons – fall or spring – in well-drained, acidic soil that gets lots of sunshine. After all that sunshine, your blueberries are going to want to have access to plenty of water so it’s also preferable to select a location that offers irrigation—these plants enjoy a moist root zone. Blueberry plants also do well in patio containers for those without a backyard or garden.

2. It’s important to note that in order to produce fruit, your blueberry plants will need to cross-pollenate. In order for this to occur, you’ll need to have at least two different types of plants. Our experts suggest that beginners start with at least three plants of at least two varieties.

3. Blueberry plants favor 2-4 inches of mulch surrounding the root area to keep in moisture and keep out weeds.

4. Just like people, blueberries need time to mature before the best fruits of their labor are produced. So while your plant is going through plant-puberty, so to speak, you can just remove the blooms as they appear.

5. Everything in moderation! Once established, blueberry plants will need to be heavily pruned to prevent growth issues or excess fruit. The same applies to fertilizers – these plants are extremely sensitive to over fertilization. And be sure to adequately water your plants after you fertilize them!

6. Is your blueberry bush not fruiting? Check out our blog on Why is My Blueberry Bush Not Producing for more info and to help troubleshoot.

If you have any other questions or need help in general establishing and growing your blueberry plants, feel free to contact one of our Perfect-plant experts!

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