What are the Best Perennials To Plant in the Fall?

If you feel discouraged because you missed the window for planting this spring, don’t fret! Fall is a great time to plant shrubs and hedges and they still have plenty of time to establish before winter. The soil is warm and the roots will grow quickly. If you are wondering what the best perennials to plant in the fall are, read ahead for our go-to flowering shrubs and plants.

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What is a Perennial?

First we need to know, what are perennials? Perennials are plants that live for more than 2 years. Since they have a longer life span you don’t have to worry about replacing them often like you do with annuals (plants that live a year).

Additionally, since they don’t need to be changed every year, they are able to form roots which helps aerate the soil, this in turn helps your overall soil structure. The soil structure is important because you want to make sure water and nutrients are able to flow through it in order to nourish your garden. Also, once they become rooted they can self sustain themselves, which means less maintenance for you!

Now that you know what a perennial is and the benefits of having perennials in your garden, let’s look at some of our top picks for the best blooming perennials to make your garden or landscape stand out from the rest year after year.

Best Perennials to Plant in Fall

Flowers of the White African Iris White African Iris: This gorgeous plant offers aesthetic value and dramatic flair with its beautiful white flowers accompanied by yellow accents. These versatile plants are often called butterfly iris or a Fortnight Lily because they bloom in bursts with a two-week cycle of down time. You may see these vibrant flowers bloom in early spring or fall. The White African Iris plant is the perfect way to add a touch of the exotic to your landscape without ever leaving your backyard!
Stunning Limelight Hydrangea Flower Limelight hydrangea: This shrub boasts cone shaped flowers that are larger than most other hydrangea varieties and begin to bloom mid summer. Celadon green flowers bloom on new wood year after year. Deadhead spent flower blossoms in winter or early spring to encourage new growth and accelerate the bloom time.

The creamy white lime green color of the hydrangea blooms will last all the way into the fall growing season. As the weather cools down the blooms change from white to pink, red, or burgundy before drying to a beige color in winter making them truly unique.
Hosta in Bloom Hostas: With so many different varieties to choose from hostas are a true show stopper in any yard. These shade loving plants can survive virtually anywhere ranging from planting zone 3-9 making them extremely cold hardy. Plant them in shade gardens, around borders or garden beds as an edging plant, as a ground cover, or in containers. The beautiful display of year long colors will mesmerize you.
Beautiful Bridal Wreath Spirea Spirea: These plants are small to medium sized deciduous shrubs that produce cascades of creamy white flowers in spring and summer. Use this spring blooming beautiful bush as a single specimen, privacy hedge or shrub planting, or foundation plantings to enjoy its enchanting display.

The plant can even be pruned into a spirea tree! The green foliage will stay green all year until fall when the leaves turn red providing year round interest. There are so many things to love about this magnificent bush!

Now that you know what perennials are and the benefits of planting them, you’re ready to start your garden. With so many different types to choose from we hope our list has been helpful with choosing the right one for your yard. For more blooming perennials that will give your yard a curbside appeal year after year following the links below. Most are easy to grow, drought-resistant, and perfect for any fall or spring garden all year long.

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