What Plants Produce Berries?

Looking to attract wildlife to your yard, or simply want the beauty of berries in your landscape? We’ve got options! Although berries usually grow on bushes, there are a few trees that yield berries as well. Whether you’re looking for a bush or a tree, here are some of our favorite berry-producing plants.

Oakleaf Holly

The chameleon of the plant world, the beautiful Oakleaf Holly boasts attractive new growth that’s bronze-to-burgundy, then ages to emerald green! Unlike other plants of the holly variety, it sets red berries without needing a pollenizer. The red berries and emerald green foliage make for gorgeous additions to your holiday decor. As the tree reaches maturity, the lower branches lose their vertical turgidity, giving the tree a mature pyramid shape, which makes it stunning as a tall hedge (and privacy screen) or as a stand-alone specimen plant.

Helleri Holly

While many people want plants with berries due to the wildlife they attract, if you’re simply looking for the showiness of beautiful berries without intruders, the Helleri Holly is right for you as it’s basically pest resistant. This exceptionally low maintenance shrub is excellent for hedges, low borders and mass plantings.  It has a naturally rounded shape and a fine texture to its dark green foliage, and its showy, black berries add to its interest in the fall.

Beckyblue Blueberry

We couldn’t make a berry list without including blueberries! Blueberries are your go-to super food due to their high levels of antioxidants. The healing powers of blueberries are widely known, and you just can’t beat the flavor of blueberries picked fresh off a plant you grew. Best of all, kids love them too! While we offer many types of blueberry bushes that can be viewed here, we’re spotlighting the Beckyblue blueberry. With the Rabbiteye Beckyblue being a heavy berry producer, you will easily grow enough berries to make muffins, smoothies, cakes, bread, pies, even add them to your morning oatmeal or cereal. One tidbit about growing blueberries: All blueberries require cross-pollination to produce fruit. We suggest purchasing three plants of at least two different varieties for ideal fruit production. Or, opt for our curated assortment of blueberry bushes, selected for ideal cross-pollination.

Pink Dogwood

A tree for the birds — in a good way!This spectacular pink dogwood offers up glossy red berries in the winter that birds love. Beyond that, it is truly a tree for any and all seasons with its ravishing pink spring blossoms, lush green summertime leaves that turn red in the autumn, and gray stems with brilliant red fruit that contrasts beautifully with the snow. The pink dogwood is a perfect residential tree that is beautiful in groupings or by itself.

Sweet Viburnum

Another great plant for attracting birds, the Sweet Viburnum’s berries turn from red to black. This unique plant can act as a bush or a small tree, is one a favorite among landscapers and gardeners to use as a hedge due to its fast growth rate and the delectable springtime fragrance. It’s beautiful, versatile and rarely bothered by pests or disease.

Need help selecting the perfect berry-producing plant for your landscape? Contact us! We’d love to help you with all your landscaping needs. We have plenty more berries to choose from!

Thornless Blackberry Bush Big Daddy BlackberriesThe Thornless Big Daddy Blackberry Bush is a highly desirable plant known for its exceptional fruit quality and thornless canes. It is favored by gardeners for its large, sweet berries and hassle-free cultivation. The berries produced by this bush are bursting with flavor, making them perfect for fresh consumption, baking, making jams, or freezing for later use. This variety is incredibly productive, yielding 10-15 pounds of berries on second-year wood. In addition to its delicious fruit, the Thornless Big Daddy Blackberry Bush features beautiful white flowers in spring and lush green foliage, adding to its visual appeal. With proper care, this blackberry bush will provide you with an abundant harvest of luscious, thorn-free blackberries!

Snowbank White Blackberry Bush golden yellow fruit berries  An excellent alternative to traditional blackberries is the Snowbank White Blackberry Bush. It is unique and a highly rewarding choice for gardeners and fruit enthusiasts. This particular bush produces a plentiful harvest of large, juicy, and flavorful white berries. Its delicious white berries are not only sweet and juicy but also packed with antioxidants, making them a healthy addition to any diet. Unlike blackberries, these white berries don't stain clothing, making them even easier to enjoy. In addition to the fruit, the Snowbank White Blackberry Bush also boasts attractive flowers and foliage, with clusters of delicate white flowers in spring and lush green leaves throughout the growing season. With its unique fruit, elegant flowers, and vibrant foliage, the Snowbank White Blackberry Bush is an excellent choice for a fruitful and visually appealing garden or orchard.

Jewel Black Raspberry Plant

The Jewel Black Raspberry plant, scientifically known as Rubus idaeus 'Jewel Black', is a deciduous shrub that produces tasty and nutritious black raspberries. This plant is highly valued for its sweet and juicy berries, which are often used in jams, jellies, pies, and other culinary creations. The Jewel Black Raspberry plant is an excellent addition to home gardens as it can be easily grown in a variety of soil types and requires minimal maintenance. It thrives in full sun and produces abundant fruits in the summer. With its thorny canes, the Jewel Black Raspberry plant also serves as a natural deterrent to unwanted wildlife and provides an attractive visual element in the garden.